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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Daniel Boone shows up for Christmas Eve . . .

Here's Jesse in his Daniel Boone/Davy Crockett outfit.
It was his birthday present from us and he slips into it as often as Mom allows.
He asked me, "Grandma, do you have a chimney?"  I said. "No, just some pipes on the roof."
He said, "Well. . . Santa can probably come down the pipes. . .yeah, I think he can.
I don't have a chimney."
I asked, "So how does he get in your house?  Is he coming down your pipes?"
Jesse, "No. . .He just comes in the front door. . .he does."

Becky and Sarah getting the finishing touches for the meal.
Don't they look beautiful working together.

Stan had fixed a tender, juicy ham and Becky had made all the abundant sides.
Deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad and more.
Sarah had made jalapeno jelly and put it over cream cheese with crackers. . .good stuff.
It was a feast and we all really enjoyed ourselves.
I especially was thankful that Becky wanted to have Christmas eve in her home.
Since Christmas came on Saturday and we had service that night and Sunday night,
She thought Saturday around noon would be the best time.
  I had been sick with the flu for a couple of weeks
and my energy was l
                                                 w . . .
I was dreading getting down the tree (without Tom to help since his hand was hurt).
So I didn't even decorate this year, excepting for a Christmas wreath.
It was a wonderful day and I really do appreciate how my kids try to help me out.
My girls have always given me an extra hand
when we have Christmas or an outing at my home.
Thank God for kids!

Here's the men sitting around the loaded tree while the women were
finishing up in the kitchen
.Soon the kids had that empty floor loaded with papers and bows.

Jesse, Brooklyn, Kathryn, Kimmie, Chad, Travis, Sarah, George
Jilly and Laura

Kathryn, Kimmie, Chad, Travis, Sarah, Jesse and Laura

Pap was there but missing "Gram" as she was at work.  The kids sure do love him.
Brooklyn, Jilly and Kathryn

Kathryn and Kimmy opening more gifts.

Stan opening a set of Sowder's books. . .we hope he enjoys them.

It was a great day. . .Tom and I left around five o'clock so we could be at service Christmas eve.
Pap left before us but the kids stayed on longer playing together.

The following day while my kids were each in their own homes with their own kids. . .
Denny, Michelle, Janet, Sam, Tom and I had Christmas dinner together at our house.
It was a sweet time of fellowship and discussion.

We have been so blessed by the Lord to enjoy so many years in this country that
honors Christ as the reason for the season.
I heard on the radio a story where a man's daughter was in a Christmas program.
It was the standard nativity story but at the end his daughter sang . . .

"In To My Heart, In To My Heart. . .
Come In To My Heart, Lord Jesus.
Come In Today. . .Come In To Stay.
Come In To My Heart, Lord Jesus."

The man went on to say the preacher made an altar call and it was a beautiful
sight to see shepherds, angels, wise men, Mary and Joseph along with
several from the crowd down at the altar. . .on their knees
singing and  with arms raised, worshipping the Lord.
That is a good Christmas song. . .do we have room for Jesus in our heart?
Or will we, like the owner of the inn, send Him off to another location because
our lives are just too full to allow Him and his family inside?

Come in. . .come in. . .come in to stay, Lord Jesus!

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