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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Remembering "Buddy". . .a brave Marine

Below was an email response to me from my friend, Nora.  I'd sent to her about a horse (Reckless) who was given honors for his service to the Marines during battle. . .
I wanted to share her sweet tribute to a fine Marine.
This young man was a "hero" as I remember from a story told to Tom by one of his
brothers. . .he was in some battle where he fought and killed
many of the enemy. . .but he either was the only one of his unit left alive
or just one other man. . .anyway, it made him very sad and he felt guilty
for not being able to save his fellow soldiers.
So many of us don't have a clue to the heavy burdens our soldiers carry
in the recesses of their mind and heart for the rest of their lives.
I am glad that the Lord knows and understands.  krp

This picture was taken in our (the Pruiett's) backyard in Spring Branch,when Buddy came home after boot camp and just before he went to Vietnam.
Frances, Nora, Susie, Richard, Sherry, Buddy, Wesley
and in front Paula and Greg Pruiett

Thanks Karen, 

There was another brave soldier stationed at Camp Pendleton at Marine Corp boot camp in 1966, before he went to Vietnam to fight for our freedom. He probably met Sgt. Reckless there.

He joined the Marines in 1966, shortly after being accepted and beginning college at North Texas State university.

He was not drafted - but, he wanted to defend his country, so he joined the Marines for 5 years at the height of the Vietnam war.

He made platoon leader at boot camp at Camp Pendleton, San Diego, California and was awarded expert rifle.

He was offered the opportunity to go to Officer Training School on a ship and he would not have had to have gone into combat in Vietnam if he had accepted that offer. He felt that was not the brave thing for a soldier to do, as he had 6 younger brothers and sisters at home to protect from communism.

He fought on the front lines in the Vietnam war. He survived one of the worst battles there, called the TET offensive. His eyes were injured when his partner stepped on a land mine and was killed. He had to pick up the pieces of his friend's body that was left to be shipped back home.

His story has not been told either but, God knows all about him.

This brave soldier was my oldest brother, Buddy. (Wesley Bythel Pruiett,Jr)

Mother said he received the holy ghost on Sis. Patton's lap at Port Houston Church when he was 10 yrs. old. He was very outgoing in school, excelled academically. He made all - city basketball in 9th grade and played for the" Baby Oilers". He lettered in four sports in high school. He was playing football with Joe Green at North Texas State University when he left to go to the war. I guess you would say he was an ALL American. He was not a coward but, he stood up for what he believed in. He was a good big brother! He loved God, his family and his country!

Buddy never talked about the war with us very much. However, we do know that Vietnam took its toll on Buddy, as he struggled with Post War Syndrome. He felt guilty that he survived and not his whole platoon. He was their leader, so he felt responsible for them. Vietnam vets, as you know were not honored during Buddy's lifetime. It was just the opposite, as a matter of fact.

He was married and raised a fine son, Lance Pruiett. Who now serves the Lord, is married to Emily Pruiett. They have two sweet girls, Grace and little Ava.
Buddy died in a auto accident on Dec. 2nd, 1989, he was 42 yrs. old.
Karen, I believe we will see him again!
Then we will all give honor to Jesus for saving us.
Thanks for introducing me to Reckless, but most of all,
thanks for the reminder of a another hero that deserves my recognition!

Nora  (Goolsby)

Above is a picture of Buddy's son, Lance and family.

Nora sent these corrections from her original letter:
Correction on the year, it was 1968.
He was in the United States Marine Corps F Company,
1st Battalion, 2nd Infantry Training Regiment Camp Pendleton, California, April 1968.
I will try to find more info.
I do know he was in the TET offensive. In one of the battles I believe only he and one other soldier in his platoon survived. I am not sure what battle it was, as he did not say much about it.

Just one more note:  When I first moved to Houston none of the Wirth family lived here. . .just me. . .  and I so missed my family.  I was afraid no one would love my little brothers and sister
like I did.  Then one day Nora and Greg Pruiett had just come back to church and I was
praying for my family. . .that they'd be loved. . .and the Lord spoke to my heart and told me to love
these kids and treat them just like they were my own family. . .and HE would make sure my family felt
all the love they needed.  So I took HIM at HIS word and began to invest my love in their lives.  Richard came into the church too and I just added him.  It was so cool,  for as time went by, each of these Pruiett kids, not knowing what the
Lord had told me, said, "Karen, you are just like a sister to me.  You remind me of my sister, Sherry."
That made me feel so good, like I'd done just what the Lord had asked of me. 
I eventually was able to meet and love the whole family. 
Sherry is someone I enjoy talking to when Tom and I are invited
to family get-to-gethers. . .
 I love Susie and have prayed many a prayer with and for her.
I don't know Paula as well, but I know Haley and her kids. ..
  I really feel like they all are a part of me. . .
I even "boss them around" sometimes just like my own family!
 I get after them when I'm worried about their lives. I know they love me because they show it. 
I did get to meet Buddy and I'm thankful for his great service to our country.
I love them all.  I am glad that Wesley Pruiett found the Lord. . .
and they were able to worhsip HIM together in those last days of his life.
Grandpa and Grandma Mooneyham took us under their wing when they were living. . .
 praying for Tom and I through the years. . .so we're all tied together in His great love.
God is good.

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