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Monday, January 16, 2012

Kimmie Jo "sneaks" a hair cut. . .I think I need my brains checked

 When Stan was a little boy there was a commercial on the radio that sang,
"Do you think you need your brakes checked? Well, I think you need your brakes checked. . ."
Stan sang it like this, "Do you think you need your brains checked?
Well, I think you need your brains checked. . ." over and over through the day.
After reading this post you will probably be singing that little song about me. . .
I should have suspected something! 

Sweet Kimberly Jo Hanna 2 years

Although this little lovely lady appears harmless as a dove. . .
she has her full share of the works of the flesh.
Kimmie can cry crocodile tears at the drop of a hat.
She makes her little mouth into a pout and she has the lips to make it adorable.
It is a constant goal to stay "ahead" of what she has planned for her next endeavor.
Last week I let George and Kimberly spend a few days at my house
while their parents were re-arranging their schooling room.
It was during the last day she stayed here, Friday, the accident occurred.
George was on the floor playing with dominoes and
Kimmie was not exactly helping him but he was sharing with her.
I'm right there in the kitchen where I can see them both.
Kimmie leaves and goes into my bathroom. . .I thought to potty. . .
after several minutes she comes back into the kitchen, throws something
in the trash and goes over to play with George again.
I continue cooking and notice Kimmie once again took down her ponytail. . .
but then I lifted the lid of the trash to throw a paper towel into it when what did I see?
Bunches of hair.
At first I thought it was from an old hairpiece the kids play with, but no. . .
It is hair. . .fresh cut hair.
I look again at Kimmie and notice her new style of "bangs". . .
"Kimmie, what did you do to your hair?" I ask.
She immediately jumps to her feet crying, tears streaming down her face
while she jumps up and down wailing. . .
Oh yeah. . .this is a dead give-a-way. . .we have a problem.
I said, "Did you cut your hair?  Show me what you did."
She leads me into the bathroom where she has a little chair pulled up to the sink.
Hair is also scattered on the chair and floor.
"What did you cut your hair with?"
  I knew I had put the scissors up where she couldn't get to them
earlier in the week.
She pulls open the drawer containing Q-tips, etc. and points to my cuticle scissors.
She did all this damage with cuticle scissors!

Short side of cut.

Non-repentant hair cutting villain.

Long side of cut.

Yes, she is a challenge.
It was shorter on one side and I'm not even sure where all the hair was cut.
She designed this cut with just a few clips in record breaking time.
Thank heaven her parents didn't disown me!

Later that afternoon Kimmie came over to me all excited. . .
"Grandma. . .Georgie said maybe I can be his best friend!"
Awwww. . .she was "Sweet Kimberly Jo" again.

I live through another episode kind of like this years ago with her mother.
Sarah and Stan cut her hair to the scalp right before a General Meeting. . .
right in the very front middle of Sarah's bangs.
I called my friend, Wanda, for HELP!
I was so upset and didn't know how to fix this problem.
Wanda Dacus fixed it up for us.  She took a large portion of Sarah's thick red hair
and made them bangs.  It pretty well covered up the gap in the front.
Sarah had cut the front and Stan had cut the back. . .both were
about a one inch section all the way to the scalp. 
I was right there when this happened too. . .standing at the kitchen table cutting price tags
off some new clothes I'd just bought Sarah for kindergarten. . .when the phone rang
which was right behind me on the wall. . .it was a customer wanting me to take a message for Tom.
I laid down the scissors. . .
then turned from them to write down the message. . .
turned back around to see the gaping hole in Sarah's bangs and
witness Stan's lightening snip sending more hair to the floor to complete the back gap!

Here are a couple of pictures of Travis.
He was having a big time in the back yard while Chad was putting up the trampoline.
He had a shovel he was dragging all over Sarah's back patio and yard.
It was cold and his little jacket made him look like the "bruiser" he is.

Thank God for kids!

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