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Monday, January 16, 2012

Doug's Scary Bad Hair Day. . .

Speaking of Scary Bad Hair Days -
Do you know this man?
This is Doug playing with a wig Jedidiah
used in a dress up party.  Doug texted the
picture and the wording, "What do you think?"
How can a little wig make a handsome young man turn into this strange creature?

Just one more note. . .
Kimmie and Georgie were telling me about their parents taking them
to a pizza place that had rides inside.
(Uncle Denny had given them some tickets that he didn't use.)
Kimmie told me Laura got to ride the "holy coaster" with Daddy
but she didn't. . .the "holy coaster" went up and down
and up. . .she signs the action of the ride for me. . .but told me, "I'm too little."
Georgie said he didn't get to ride the roller coaster either, he wasn't old enough. . .
but he proceeded to tell me that the sign said kids "7" years old could ride,
but Dad let Laura ride. . ."Grandma, he broke the rules. . ."
I told Sarah about it later and she said the rule was "7" or "so tall".
Laura was tall enough to ride.
So, we're letting George know Daddy didn't break the law.

Little ones are always listening. . .always watching. . .
always learning
by what we DO. . .not what we SAY.

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