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Thursday, January 26, 2012

More cute kid talk. . .Jesse & Joe

Jesse Frank Peach

While we were getting all that rain yesterday, Jesse was watching from his window upstairs.
His house is on the top of a slope that leads on down through the woods to a small creek.
Some top soil will wash out during these heavy rains making the run off  look muddy.
So. . .Jesse yells out to his mom. . .
"Mom look! The mud puddle is moving down to the creek!"

Kids are so cute, they just crack me up.

Joe Wirth - Doug's 2nd born 

Janet is now home from Alabama.
She shared this story about Joe.

As you may know Joe is mildly autistic and it has been a major challenge for his parents to find the
keys to helping him unlock his verbal skills. . .but he's talking.
In the past few years Rachel's been working in his other skills.
He has very good penmanship and he's doing math, reading, etc.

His main love in life is riding his bicycle, which he's not allowed to do until after his
school work is completed. . .so he's ready to get in there and get it over with.
Homeschool moms have score keys ( a special booklet showing answers) used for grading work.

So, Joe is in there racing to get his work done and to get out on the riding trail a.s.a.p.
Rachel sees him and says, "Joe. . .you're not cheating are you?" (using the score key for answers)
Joe responds, "But Mom. . . cheating really helps me."

Sounds like a Democrat!

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