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Thursday, January 26, 2012

George gets cleansed. . .Jesse giving up Mom's bed

Got this email below from Sarah today. . .

We went to the library today to check out some books on Indians. George has been playing "Indian" in the backyard a lot, so we decided to get some books on the subject. We went back to the kids section, and they have tables there for the little ones to look through their book to make sure they want it. Well, there are always books left behind from some other reader, so you never know what you might find. George finds some kind of far out kids book, which he immediately recognizes it as being evil. He shows it to me, and I agree that it is a book he should not be looking at. Well, he keeps on ... and .. kind of bragging that he's looking at an evil book. I tell him that the Bible tells us to shun the very appearance of evil and that I hope he decides to stop looking at the book. Later on ( about 6 hours later) , we are home and have eaten supper. Chad and the kids are cleaning up the meal ( yes... I said Chad and the kids) and I am watching an old church tape. It's a dancing song, and Laura is praising the Lord and dancing all over. George gets done with his part of the clean up, and comes and joins in on the dancing. He's dancing around in circles and praising the Lord. After about 5 minutes of dancing, he comes over to me and says, " Mom, I really needed that {dancing}.. cuz I read that whole evil book."

I couldn't help but laugh. I guess at his age he felt the need to " cleanse his soul". So , I guess maybe something did transpire in the words I gave him at the library. Hoping for more of it...... Now, if I could just get him to do his work diligently.... hmm... better find a scripture.

SMILE... had to share this one.


Tonight we had Stan's family over for supper.  He's been out of town so much I hardly get to see
him. . .or Becky. . .or those beautiful grands. 
We had a good meal together, although I overcooked the meat.
I was too busy trying to get all my jalapeno poppers in the oven!
Anyway, after supper Jesse was sitting on my lap giving me sweet kisses and hugs
. . .and I'm kissing and tickling him.
Kathryn's there beside me too and he's trying to move her out of the picture. . .but she stays put
and we're both playing with him. . . making him laugh.

I say, "Jesse, you're not going to be the baby anymore when that new baby sister gets here."
Jesse says, "Yeah.  When the baby sister pops out of Mom's belly. . . 
I won't get to sleep with Mom anymore."
(Note: He does get to sleep in Mom's bed when his Dad's out of town.)
I say, "Really!  What are you going to do then?"
 (He's shaking his head and pushing those lips out in a resigned "poochy mouth".)
He says, "Hmmmm. . .I guess I'll just have to sleep with Dad."

Sounds like his folks better get a bigger bed.

"Dear Lord, I desire that we will have a clear vision
about what You are doing in
the earth.
I pray that you will anoint our ears to receive
with open hearts the message You are giving
us in this hour.
Lord, help us to forgive all those who have offended us. . .
help us to be forgiven by all we've offended.
Don't let bitterness destroy us. . .don't let us judge unrighteously.
Give us strength to walk in Your footsteps.
Lord, I know I've failed many times as a Mother and as a Christian to respond
the way that You would desire of me.
I've let You down and I've let others down by having a bad attitude, a gripy
spirit, failing to show love enough, "blowing up" when I should be patient, etc.
I know many of the things my kids have trouble with
are the very areas where I've failed in my own life.
 Lord I realize you didn't call me to give You instruction.. .or because You wanted my opinion.
You didn't call me to evaluate Your people that You've called and chosen.
You did call me to be a part of Your Body and to love those You've gathered.
Those who responded to Your call.
Lord, please help me to listen to Your voice and obey completely what You ask of me.
Lord, let me go with Your people!
Thy people shall be my people. . put my ear to the door post.
Fasten me."
 Entreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God:
Ruth 1:16


Joy said...

What a beautiful prayer at the end of your post...that is my hearts desire...to forgive and be forgiven, and the book of Ruth is my favorite. I think that scripture...entreat me not to leave thee...could be listed as one of my favorite in the Bible.
Enjoyed reading your post today! I was hoping to get to go to the Houston meeting but we have to stay home this time.

Grandma said...


I've been missing your blog spot.
Are you still writing or have you discontinued it?

Wish you all would be able to attend the meeting. . .but keep the "lights shining" in Godfrey.