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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kristen's Olivia Brooke Has Entered the Building!

Olivia - 1-17-12
Olivia Brooke has entered the building!

Olivia is adorable, all that hair and her pretty little face. She weighed 6 pounds 9 oz. and was 19 1/2 in. long.

Looks like Kevin and Kristen make a pretty good product.  I know  if Kristen follows in the footsteps of her mother, this will be one well kept, well loved and well dressed baby.  Janet  always had Kristen dressed like a doll with her hair all fixed in curls when she wore a fancy dress.  She was cute and she knew it. She had that little squeaky voice that could melt our hearts.
Janet has been in Alabama for the last week and more waiting on Olivia to show up.  Well, she did finally did get here today and she was worth the wait.
 Janet has six grand girls and one grand boy.  She's been in lots of waiting rooms through the years for her nieces and nephews. . .even in the room with Davita and Sarah. . .just always a good person to really "be there" for her family. 
Grandpa Sam left here last week-end to go be with Grandma Janet for the big event.  What a good man!  I am glad my sister married someone who loves her so much.  He got a good woman too. 

Olivia has a great heritage with people who've served the Lord on both sides of her family tree.  I hope she yields to the Lord like her Aunt Davita. . . loves music like
her Uncle David. . .cooks like her Grandma. . .loves life like her Daddy. . .signs like her momma. . .sings like her Uncle Doug and has a good spirit like her Papaw Wirth. 

Olivia reminds me of Janet's kids but you can see some
of Kevin in her looks too. Tomorrow she may look like someone else. 
Becky thinks she looks like Brooklyn. . .I thought the one picture looked like Kimberly. . .but the bottom line is she looks like a beauty.  Aunt Michelle, Autumn, Sarah, and all were oooohing and awwwing over her.
Kristen has always been good with kids. . .but when she started courting Kevin all  the little girls in the family went "crazy" over him.  They would get so excited when he would come to town. . .and pretend to call him on the phone. . .then when he'd try to talk to them they'd get all shy.  Now he has his own little daughter that will look forward to him coming home from work to be her hero. . .and her own mother to teach her as she's taught others.

 I know Mother and Daddy would be so happy for Janet. . . and Kristen.  They would love Kevin because he treats Kristen right.   Janet and Kristen came through some strong storms to get to this place in life.  Janet held on to Kristen with one hand, the Lord with the other. . .  and the Lord wrapped His arm around them both and brought them safely through. . . Then he gave them
good men to be a covering over them.

Davita has been praying and very excited all day!  She is a good daughter and sister.
(and niece)  I've been busy fielding calls all day letting people know
the updates on this little one.  I hope she gets to get lots
and lots and lots of kisses from her Grandmothers. . .Babies grow better when they're loved on. 

Now, off to the next phase, learning to take care of that little bundle. Bathing and feeding. . .all new sleep schedules. . .singing songs in the rocking chair. . .

Grandma and Papaw Perry
Grandma and Grandpa Sargent
Kevin and Kirsten

From All Us Peachy People In Texas

Olivia's Grandpas - Derrick and Sam
Olivia's Aunt Kelly
Olivia's Grandmothers - Janet and Maria

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