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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Welcome Back Gov. Perry. . .just my thoughts

~Welcome Home Governor Rick Perry~

My heart is heavy today because the "best man"
hasn't gathered enough support
to continue to run for President
in this once great nation of integrity.
Not just that they rejected him personally,
but because they rejected him for what he believed.
I really think God thought too much of him to
allow him to be elected.

Why did the people not like him?
Because he says what he really thinks. . .
Because he is a man of action rather than a couch potato. . .
Because he has very high morals. . .
Because they couldn't find "dirt" on him. . .
Because he lovs his wife and is a strong family man. . .
Because he is from Texas, (a very good place to live). . .
Because he uses a gun for what it's intended. . .
and he does it legally. . .
Because he doesn't meet the news media's expectations
of a smooth debater. . .
Because he believes in our military and defense. . .
Because he was falsely portrayed as "ignorant" by
those who are too morally deficit to be a judge. . .
Because he really does honor the LORD and
he really does make HIM a central part of HIS whole life.

I am glad that he will be coming home to Texas.
I noticed he did what Bro. Patton used to tell us all to
do in a testimony. . .he constantly gave honor to others
who were working for him. . .or in support of him.

I for one am ashamed of the Texans who failed to support him.
They aren't true Texans.
I originally lived in Illinois and used to hate to hear
people saying how great Texas was. . .
But I've lived here long enough to know it does have
better laws to protect freedom of religion and businesses.
It does have less taxes.
It just does .

The three most honorable candidates are now gone
from the race. . .Perry, Cain and Bauchman. . .
I don't really know enough of Santorum's background
but the others left in the race are not
Conservatives like these three.

It just makes my heart sad that our country has
fallen so far.
We've lost most of our moral values.
Jobs are very important. . .but values and godly principles are what makes or breaks a nation.
Well, we've just rejected a man with principles. . .
one who would have helped create jobs for the nation.

We've compromised our values as a nation.
We've compromised our values as a church.
We've compromised our values as parents.
My heart is heavy.
I know God has a plan and it is working.
A nation who won't stand up for righteousness will
fall down and worship anything. . .
but as that happens God judges.

"O God, help us to stand strong for you in a world rejecting
 the very values you gave to save us.
Help us to value those who value you.
Help us to present light and truth to our children
in a world where men love darkness rather than light.
Thank you for all the light you've given.
Thank you for the light we still have as a nation.
Help us as a church to be steadfast in you.
Thank you for the space of time we still have to work for you.
Help us to make good use of the rest of our lives."

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