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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Why everyone would love to have Janet for an Aunt. . .she's great!

What a fun day!  Janet had all kinds of creative things for the girls to make.
They were busy, busy, busy.
Around noon they broke for a good lunch Janet had made of
some kind of ham and cheese rolls made in the oven.
Then at the end of the day we watched as they sang and put on a show or two
with the karoake online.
It was a great day for the girls. . .and it was Sam's birthday
so he was quite the good sport in letting them have his day.
Blessings to Sam and Janet!
2011 At Aunt Janet's house. . .making gift treats for the older ladies in the church.
Brooklyn, Jilly, Laura, Kathryn, Sophia and Aunt Janet.

Laura, Kathryn and Jilly show off their Chritmas tree treats.

Kathryn, Sophie and Aunt/Grandma Janet

Jilly, Brooklyn and Aunt Janet making dipped pretzels.

Janet, Kathryn and Laura making dipped pretzels.

Sophie opts out early. . .tired from staying up late and not really
enthuastic about sharing her Grandma. . .Dad (Phillip) picks her up.
She's holding her Christmas tree she made herself with a little help.

Sam drops in for lunch with a table full of mischief.
His birthday with a house full of kids and crafting.
Uncle Sam is always a very good sport.

Brooklyn's wild ornament.

One of the many videos with the girls singing and signing. Kathryn doing some "Daniel" moves.
You should have seen Brooklyn doing Elvis!

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