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Monday, January 2, 2012

Out-ies and In-ies. . .Robin's 40th Birthday

 Before I write anything else. . .
I want to tell you something Rosie did a few services ago.
Her dad, Eric just recently had hernia surgery. . .so. . .
Rosie is sitting in church with her Grandma Rachel when she sees Bro. Allen Glass.
(Bro. Allen is the Bible/Sunday School director in our church so the kids all love him.)
She asks Rachel, "Can I go tell Bro. Wright something?"
(She always calls Allen Bro. Wright.)
Rachel looks to where she's pointing and sees it is Bro. Allen so she says,
"That's Bro. Glass and you can go tell him something if you will come right back to me."
So off Rosie races.
She climbs up on the bench beside Bro. Allen and whispers in his ear. . .
"I know, you don't know this, but my daddy used to have an OUT-ie
but now he has an IN-ie."
That's it.
A child's accurate description of hernia surgery.
She heads back to Grandma happy as a lark, mission accomplished. . .knowledge shared.

This is an older picture of Rosie and  Eric Martin.
Rosie is now about 4 years old.

~Robin's 40th Birthday Party~
This was mid-December.

Eric planned and decorated it himself.
Some of us offered to help with the food, but he wanted to do this on his own for his wife.
He had some great Italian food that everyone gobbled down.
Robin was surprised!  She didn't have a clue.
The kids had Christmas play practice that night so Eric had the
party at the church.
He didn't tell the kids about the party so there would be no accidental slip-ups. . .
so they were surprised too. . .and not happy they weren't told!
Joanie, Brett, Ray and Bethany helped to make the party a success.

Eric and Robin. . .I'm how old? 

Eric and Robin are a beautiful couple.
It will be exciting to see what God can do with their lives. . .with their family in the coming years.
I know Eric has a great singing voice and can play the trumpet.
I hope he gives these talents back to the Lord for use in building the Body of Christ.
Robin has been helping with projects at the church and she's given a few testimonies in Porter.
The girls, Averi, Christi and Rosie have all been taking part in the programs.
There's plenty of room in the Family of God for the Martin's to obey the Lord
using their special gifts.

Here's Robin, the birthday girl. . .40 years.

This year Robin has given her life to the Lord in a more complete way.
She has been coming to church and taking part in the services.
People love to see the Eric Martin family sitting on their bench near the front of the church.
Robin will often have her Bible out searching the scriptures while the minister breaks the bread.
They are workers, often staying after services on Sunday to help clean the sanctuary.
I am so happy for Robin's new dedication to God and His family.
It takes courage to step out of the world and become a follower of Christ.
It takes a strong love for the Lord.

 Eric, Rachel, Christi, Averi and Robin with some of Robin's folks around the cake.

The cake has a story of it's own. . .it was supposed to be black with Over the Hill
on it. . .Eric went to pick it up. . .wrong words. .  wrong color. . .
He ended up taking it but they gave him a deal since it was totally their error.
It tasted fine though.

Robins, Justin White and Melvin Gregory Martin.

Greg Martin was busy telling us funny stories during our meal.
He was keeping Justin's interest!
Greg always has been able to tell you about his life and make you want to hear more.
He has that special captivating ability and so does his son.

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