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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy Birthday! Dear Jonathon. . .

Happy Birthday Big Jon!

 Our wonderful Mother expecting Jonathon. . . this picture was taken at Granny Bare's house.

Daddy, George Herman Wirth and Jonathon with "Bootsie and Brown Eyes" playing in the backyard.

Well, today ( is my brother, Jonathon Chris Wirth's birthday.
I think he is 46. . .he was four when Tom and I married in 1970.
I am not a good person for remembering dates.
(Note: I didn't post this on the day of his birth which was January 10th. . .
which I thought was yesterday, but I was wrong!
That's what you call a day late and a dollar short.)
What I do remember. . .
I was in the 8th grade.
My parents said they were going to have a baby in January.
I was mortified!
We had just had our once a year class on becoming a young lady at public school -
how your body would make changes -
and we were given a very limited idea of what is generally called the "birds and the bees".
It was all stuff I didn't want to hear about.
So I am totally in shock about my folks having another baby.
Why, they seemed way too old for another kid.
How would I respond when school kids started asking me if the rumor was true?
I was actually mad at Mom and Dad in my spirit.
Janet was mad at Daddy too. . . but for a different reason.
Dad always let us kids follow behind him and watch as he planted
the new rows of our vegetable garden.  Janet was at the age she loved to do that.
So. . .when the folks sat us down in the living room (Denny -10, Janet -7 and I -12)
and informed us we were going to get a new baby. . .that Mom had it in her belly. . .
Janet (always the question ask-er) wanted to know how?
Mom told us Daddy had planted the seed awhile back and now it would grow until
sometime in January we'd have a new brother or sister.
Janet looked over at Dad, both sad and mad at the same time and said,
"Why didn't you let us watch you plant the seed?!"
Poor Daddy got so embarrassed. . .his face was beet red.
Somehow Mom gave an answer that satisfied Janet's ire but I don't even
remember what she said.
I was as embarrassed as the folks with the lesson I'd just been taught fresh on my mind.

But. . .as the months passed. . .and Mom would talk about this baby. . .
and buy little shoes and gowns. . .we got so excited.
I was happy that my folks loved each other enough to want another child.
I was glad my folks were in love.
One night about a month before Jon was born I dreamed the baby was
a boy and he had a little brown spot on his leg close to back of his knee.
I just knew this baby was going to be a boy!
When he was born we had a big, big snow storm in Mt. Carmel. . .
but I was so in love with this little guy I'd not even seen yet,
I walked all the way out to the hospital to see him.
He was adorable and he did have that spot on his leg!  Just like the dream.
(Remember, back then doctors didn't have any way to determine
 the sex of the baby before it was born.)
Mom holding baby Jon

It was love before 1st sight for the whole family.
I am so thankful for Jonathon and his family.
He (and two years later. . . Doug) kept Mom and Daddy young at heart.

Here are a few new photos of some of Jon's kids and grand kids.

Jedidiah, Denny, Hannah and Abby.

Pretty Abbigail  Wirth
Dennis Elijah Wirth looking Texan.
Hannah Wirth just looking like a doll.
Levi, Big Jedidiah George, Denny, Eden, Hannah, Abby and Silas
Three youngest are Emily and Josh's. . .Jon's grands.
Pictures taken by Josh Dillinger

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