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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Dear Eric. . .I didn't forget you.

Adorable Eric. . .reminds me of Rosie.
I was there when he was born.
Rachel and I had gone to the doctor the same day for a check up.
She was in the room next to me and I heard the doctor tell her
she was expecting.  (Dr. Lunin)
I was so excited that when I heard the door to her room open
I flew out to give her a big hug. . .but I ran smack into
the Doctor expressing my excitement.
It was the first time either of us had gone to him but
it was the beginning of a good relationship.
He said, "Not me, it's her having the baby."
Through the years he delivered all our two kids. . .
and I ran righ smack into him another time.
It was when Bethany was being born. . .I was going to stay home and
watch the four kids our combined families already had. . .but
Greg called and said, "Karen, aren't you coming?
I thought you'd be here for us. . ."
So, I had Tom to help with the kids and off I went.
It was a new hospital and I didn't know where the delivery room was so
I was trying to hurry. . .I flew around the corner
and "bump". . .I had hit the doctor right head-on.
Dr. Lunin looked up and saw me, laughed and said,
"You're going the wrong way. . .we'd better hurry or we won't get
there in time. . .follow me."
He knew who I was and why I was there without me telling him.

I loved that doctor.

Eric, Stanley, Sarah, Joanie and Bethany having a blast.
This was after a big storm hit Houston. . .Rachel's house had no lights or water.
My house didn't have electricity but we did have water.
We ended up staying together for about a week having lots of fun.
Our freezer was full so we had cookouts all week with all the neighborhood.
I remember we had lots of fish (from Denny taking Stan fishing) in our freezer. . .
so one night we had a big fish fry.
It was a good time to have food in the freezer.
Karen holding Stanley, Eric and Rachel - 1975.
We spent lots and lots of time together.
Eric was one of my favorites.

Dear Lord,  We thank you for bringing Eric "home" this year.
He's been gone for a long time but he remembered you, The Master of the Wind.
He knew the only place to find real peace was in the "ark" with you.
I am so thankful that his girls wanted to come to church.
Averi wanted to come to Bible school and she got the Holy Ghost.
That's so good of you Lord. . .she gave up something that wouldn't
give her anything but a trophy made of metal for something that
would give her a "crown of life".
Thank you, God, that Robin likes coming to church.
God we just pray that Eric will begin using the gifts you've given him.
Help him to respond to you when you ask something of him.
Help him to work while he still has time.
Thank you for the 39th birthday he celebrated Sunday in your house.

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