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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sarah Jean has a Birthday!

Happy Birthday Sarah. . .And Many More!

Baby Sarah Jean Peach - day one
"God gave us a ittle package. . .
It is a little girl.
And you just know she is the prettiest in the whole wide world.
She screams and yells. . .coooo's and awhhh's and makes real funny eyes.
We're going to try to raise her right so she can make the bride."

This was the song Tom wrote for and would sing to Sarah as he rocked her
in his arms when she was little.
It was very precious then and is more so now.
Sarah has been a model daughter. . .bringing her parents honor by
the life she's lived.
When she was little she had a very stubborn streak. . .and she still does but she's
mostly learned to turn that stubbornness into the ability to
stand alone for the Lord when others may bow to the pleasures of sin for a season.
I am so thankful for my daughter and the friendship we share.
I realize she is more like Janet and Rachel (her aunts) than she is me in many ways.
She loves to have fun and she pulls pranks like her Aunt Rachel. . .
she loves to make crafts and desserts like her Aunt Janet and Aunt Darlena.
She is a wonderful young lady with four children six and under. . .
has the patience to work with them daily and do all this with
a husband who is deaf.
You might not realize what that means. . .but it means you "hear" all the noise
and he doesn't hear any!
God has blessed her with a wonderful husband, Chad.
He is a man of God and they both have a vision of God's plan.
~The Hanna's in the Park~
We are so blessed!
Here are some more pictures of Sarah's life.

Sarah Jean with Grandma (Jean) playing on the floor.

Sarah and Stan in Papaw's strong arms. . .a favorite place to be.

Two little cuties. . .Sarah and Stanley all dressed up at Grandma Wirth's.

Another place Sarah loved to be. . .in Daddy's lap wrapped in his arms.

Hugs from Papaw!

Growing up straight.

The Tom Peach family.
My Daughter and Friend - Me (Karen) with Sarah.

Sarah feeding the duck at Beall's Woods park in Mt. Carmel.
Sarah playing with the kids. . .that's Kristen going down first.

Sarah with Grandma Willa Peach, Stan and Becky.

"Dear Lord, Help Sarah to realize how much we love her and desire the best for her life.
Help her to always use the gifts you've placed in her life to inspire and help others.
Lord, help Sarah to find all the keys to unlock the hearts of her children as they grow.
Help her to always be a blessing to her husband.
Never let her forget to put you first for complete VICTORY in life's situations.
Thank you for giving Sarah and Stan a strong love for one another.
Help them to always maintain that feeling for one another.
Thank you Lord for this precious gift given to us twenty-thirty- eight years ago.
May we always value her worth."

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