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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Don't lose focus. . .we're in spiritual warfare

I've been thinking about how the enemy tries to make us lose focus.
He knows we are in a battle for our lives. . .and the lives of our children. . .
So he starts all kinds of skirmishes inside our quarters to distract us from the real battle outside.

Sometimes he will use our "brothers and sisters" in the church to distract us.
We look to them expecting the best and. . . if they fail us we are ready to fight against them.
We are so worried they are not holding their "sword" the right way we totally forget to keep our own weapons ready to defeat the works of the flesh in our own lives.
We are so alert to their faults we fail to get ourselves ready for inspection. . .
and inspection will come!

We get so upset with leaders we see going the wrong direction. . .
or making selfish decisions to prop up their own wants for their own "belly". . .
We almost forget the Captain of this Host is the Lord. . .not man.
The Captain is worthy of our faithfulness in battle.
Sometimes we get upset at people and
 we take it out on Jesus and the whole church by not showing up for "roll call/ revelry".
Instead of making the army stronger by staying on duty, we go AWOL.
We've let our enemy trick us. . .we're failing to guard our post of duty.

It's dangerous to allow distractions for a even short time. . .Jesus is counting on us to be there fighting against evil in
sunshine or rain. . .in good times and bad. . .but we're selfish and forget to focus.
We're discouraged so we, by our actions, discourage other soldiers.
We are actually helping the enemy cause others to lose their focus on the Captain.
 Our family is at risk because we fail to show them how to keep our focus on the Captain.
Keep fighting evil. . .hold your ground even when a soldier you had confidence in goes down. . .
Even when a leader makes a bad command, keep your focus on fighting the enemy.
Keep standing for Jesus. . .keep marching forward with our Lord's army.
When we can't see Jesus we've got to adjust our focus. . .
If we don't hear Him speaking to our heart maybe it's because we're too upset.
Remember, when we can't hear his voice we can act on His written Word.

Apostle Peter got discouraged. He let the Lord down in denying him three times. . .
And that was after he'd told the Lord he'd never deny him.
He was discouraged because the Lord died. . .He thought. . .
~How can this be happening when he was supposed to be the King. . .the living God. . .~
But Jesus hadn't saved himself and now it was over.
So Peter just went back to fishing. . .His old life. . .He didn't recognize the enemy's ploy.
Then a message came for him. . Jesus was alive and wanted to meet him in Galilee!

"But go your way, tell his disciples and Peter that he goeth before you into Galilee: there shall ye see him, as he said unto you." Mark 16:7

We've got to remember, that our Captain goes before us. . .
Even when we see things that we know are wrong with others in the army. . .
Even when we realize that our own attitudes have let Jesus down. . .
Even when we think He might be unwilling to let us work with Him anymore. . .
He sends us a message. . .I am alive. . .I am going before you leading the way. . .so meet me.

I can tell the enemy that Jesus is my Captain and He will take care of His soldiers. . .
He will discipline them and I will not get into a battle against them.
I will not focus on another soldier's failure. . .I will focus on my own battle for success.
I will allow Jesus lead me to eternal life and if I make it, it will be because of Him.
I will rebuke the enemy. I will hate evil. 
I will recognize Satan's "tools" to cloud my vision and I will allow Jesus to destroy them.
I will confess my evil attitude in coming against any soldier who Jesus called to His service.
I will pray for those I see failing to execute the Captain's commands
 because it will bring death into the camp.
I will keep fighting the enemy until I hear Jesus say, "It is finished. . .the battle is over."

"Oh we are in a fight. . .we're in a battle for life. . .
some may call it a game.
Whatever term is applied to this struggle for life. . .
we'll always include we're going to win!
We're going to win this war as we battle for Christ.
Win this race. . .run all the way.
We're going to press through this veil of flesh that we wear. . .
Reach third heaven, rest from our burdens up there."
Twp 1972?

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