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Friday, March 9, 2012

Funnies . . .and serious thoughts

I want to get this posted before I forget. . .
Sunday while with Stan's kids, his son,
Jesse Frank, was telling me about the big
awful storms he saw on the Internet.
He was telling me how very dangerous they were. . .
and  with his arms in motion he showed how "who-ja" (huge) they were.
He then told me if they came to his house he would go to the basement because that was the safest place to be.
I listened to him and then said, "What about me and Papaw. . .we don't have a basement?"
He looked really thoughtful for a few minutes then came up with a solution. . .
"Well Grandma. . . you could have Papaw to build you a new house with a basement (then a long pause while I could see his mind in motion)
. . .but if you can't do that, well. . .I guess you'll have to make a run for it!"

Then at lunch today with Sarah's kids we were talking about something someone had messed up and I said, "I guess
some little mean kid must have done that."
Kimmie Jo says, "It must be me. . .I'm a mean kid because I like to sneak.
I'm sneaky!"
She didn't sound repentive either.

Janet was telling me the other day Davita fixed a really good meal for her family.
After everyone finished eating Davita said,
"Okay, I made the meal so you
all can clean up the mess."
To which Sophie replied,
"You made the mess so you clean it up."
I think she'd heard those words before.

On another note. . .I was thinking today of how good it feels when
a little child wraps their arms around your neck and gives you a full hearted hug!
It is priceless.  It is one of life's treasures.
I can remember my kids giving me those sweet hugs and kisses.
I still get them from Grand kids and nieces, nephews and children who love me.
They are so valuable. . .they can't be bought.
Those hugs that I'm talking about come from a heart full of love.
But then. . . kids grow up and rightly so. . .they find another love to throw
their arms around. . .and it's a new kind of love. . .
gone are the days of those freely given hugs and kisses for mommy. . .
but the memories are still there in mommy's heart and they are so sweet. . .
and the grand kids come along and give the sweet taste of them again. . .
So, mothers. . .enjoy your sweet hugs and kisses. . .
relish them with delight because they soon will be a thing of the past. . .
you'll still get hugs. . .and kisses. . .and love
but it will never be as openly and freely given as in those early years.

Like the Gaither song says. . .
"We have this moment to hold in our hands and to touch as it slips
through our fingers like sand. . .
Yesterday's gone and tomorrow may never come. . .
but we have this moment today."

Dear Lord, Help us to regard these precious moments in our lives.
The days we share with our children.
The holding of our husband's hand. . .the thrill of his wink.
The blessing of sitting around a table full of family and good food.
The noise of a house full of kids playing together in a free country.
Help us to cherish the time with our mothers and fathers. . .
with our brothers and sisters. . .
Don't let us fail to be aware that we are all just here for a few short
days. . .like flowers of the field we are beautiful and fragrant one day. . .
yet drooping and dried up the next. . .then we are gone.
Lord, we don't know what all we have to face in the days ahead.
We don't know what our children will have to face. . .
but we know YOU will be there for us.
We know YOU will let us wrap our arms around your neck and feel
that protective love embrace our fears.
God, give us the grace to stand.
Help us to make use of the time you've given us. . .
to learn to enjoy the very things YOU enjoy. . .
to set our affections on things eternal. . .
Thank YOU for sending Jesus to redeem us. . .to redeem anyone who will
respond to your voice.
I want to be so full of your love and blessings that I can let blessings
flow over and out of all my words, actions and thoughts.
I want my motives to be rooted in ways that will bless YOU and others.
Your Child,

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