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Monday, March 12, 2012

A few "Jilly" Stories

sweet-sweet Jilly

Just wanted to share some “Jilly” stories with you. . .
The other evening at church Rachel gave us a gift bag with some items for
baby Emily. . .Stan's girls were with me and so was Jesse Frank but their parents
were at home with the new baby. . .anyway, the girls couldn't wait and looked inside
to see what Aunt Rachel had for the baby.
When I took them home the next day Jilly was the one who carried in the gift
bag and gave it to her mother.
Becky looks into the bag and says, "Who is this from?"
Jilly responds, "Some old woman at church."
Becky says, "Which one? Can't you remember?"
Jilly says, "No, just some old woman."
But Kathryn walks in hearing the conversation and she says,
"It wasn't some old woman, it was AUNT RACHEL!"
And Jilly responds, "Oh yeah!  That's who it was."

(For you who know Rachel Martin. . .she is doing well and cancer free.
Her infection from her surgery is gone and she is looking like herself. . .
and more like Willa Mae used to look twenty years ago. . . every day. . .she looks good.)

Then another cute thing Jilly did. . .
On the wall in the dining room I have a picture collage` with the center picture being
one of Tom and I.  We are probably in our mid 40's and look a lot
younger than we do now.  Tom still has dark hair and we are cheek to cheek smiling.
So, Jilly is looking up at the picture. . .studying it for quite some time and she finally
says to me, "Grandma, is that you in the picture?"
I say, "Yes."
"I didn't know you were married to someone before Papaw!"
I said that I wasn't and she says, "Well who is that man in the picture then?"
I realized she'd never seen Tom with dark hair and just didn't know it was him.
I was glad we got that cleared up in her mind before she went through life
thinking her grandma had been married twice.

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