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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Love is in the air. . . Josh's surprise for Autumn. . .Abby's beau

This is the hand that was most viewed at church tonight.
The hand that was adorned with the ring brought by Autumn's "Prince Joshua"
for the purpose of letting the world know this hand and the girl it belongs to are taken.

This is the ring that Josh bought. 

Autumn was very happy.
Everyone at church was excited for them.
I mean, she didn't know he was coming to town. . .
Josh, Denny and Michelle had worked out a plan to give Autumn her sweet surprise.
She and her mother were going out for dinner and to look at a place they were interested in. . .
Denny and Josh, unbeknown to Autumn were out fishing together. . .
Josh told Autumn he was fishing with a friend from the church. . .
but he was actually in town already fishing with his friend, Denny - soon to be father-in-law.
Michelle told Autumn that Denny wanted to meet them for lunch. . .
and when she rounded the corner there was her dad with a video camera . . .
and Josh down on one knee holding the ring!
Was she shocked!  She ran and hugged him (Josh). . .then he gave her the ring. . .
then they hugged again.
Denny got it all on video for Josh.
(And just for the record. . .Josh said he caught more fish than Denny!  You all know how hard it is to
catch more fish than Denny. . .I mean that is something.)
It must have just been a winning day for him.
It was a winning day for all of us, Josh seems to be a very nice young man.
We are going to be happy to have him in our family.

The Happy Couple  - Autumn and Josh
This is the man that Autumn loves.

It is our desire these young folks will always find happiness and joy in one another as
they focus on giving themselves to the service of the Lord.

Here's another happy couple who have been courting. . .
Abby and Andrew
They have been spending time together in Mt. Carmel. . .getting to know each other better
under the watchful eye of Abby's parents and all her siblings!
I think they've pretty well decided they think he passes the test.
He gave a very good testimony in Mt. Carmel which was a blessing to the assembly.
Andrew got his first "taste" of being a farmer. . .chickens, eggs, etc.
Abby is a very domestic young farm girl.
So city boy meets farm girl. . .
Will this be Abby's prince?  Will this be Andew's princess?
Tune in later for updates. . .

Andrew and Abby taking down the clothes off the line. . .in "Wirth country".

Also. . .Happy Belated Birthday Karla Renae Glass!  You are a special young lady.

Note: I am so far behind on my posts. . .but I will get to them sooner or later. . .
Like Easter. . .Chad's birthday. . .Kimberly turning 3. . .Brooklyn and Makaela turning 13. . .Sunday School outing. . .
and much more but not tonight.

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