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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Some quick catch-up pictures. . .

Very Belated Pictures of Birthdays. . . just sorry I don't have more.

Eden made this invitation herself!  She is only five  four!  Move over Uncle Peachy.

Emily, Eden's mother, made this cake herself! Looks yummy.

Chad, our son-in-law with Travis looking on. . .is that really Dad?  I guess getting older
makes him more Mexican?

Gary Orr celebrating at Monterey's with his friends. . .
As always, trying to hold the ladies at arm's length!
Or is it just trying to hold the ladies?

Kimberly Jo turned three. . .she is so excited because she gets to go to Sunday School!
Here she is in her new tire swing her Daddy put in their backyard.


Brooklyn turns thirTEEN. . .Oh my. . .high heels. . .a beautiful young lady inside and out.
We, Brooklyn, Jilly, Aunt Janet and I, had a fun day of shopping.  We didn't stop until we'd
run out of money. . . but our arms were loaded with gift bags.
Aunt Janet bought some awesome cinnamon rolls for a birthday treat!

Just a note: At the end of this first day of wearing heels Brooklyn
was up at the front of the church when she leaned over
and whispered in my ear, "My feet are killing me. . ."
Yes, that how it all begins. . .growing up is like that.

Makaela also turned 13 this year just an hour before Brooklyn.
They are both young girls with a heart after the Lord.
Here they are with other friends and family in Keyma.
That's Kathryn and Robbie in front of the birthday girls.

Pictures of the group that went to Keyma - Sunday School Trip
Not everyone who went made it into the picture but the kids had a fun day.

Lots and lots of really blessed children. . .to be so loved of God, their parents and by their church.

Psalm 90: 12
So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

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