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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Valuable lessons from self-battered women. . .

Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.
Ephesians 5:22

Let me tell you what  a little birdie told me today in prayer meeting. . .It is a lesson we'd do well to  learn. . .

This Is The Story That Started it All
A Sister (VC) was telling us how she went on a trip overseas and used her curling iron but with a different adapter. . .so she didn't realize the iron was extra HOT. . .while curling her hair she smelled something burning and when she pulled away the iron it had "fried" her hair (she said it melted her hair) and a big part of the clump of hair was GONE!
We all laughed and felt sorry for her but it was a funny story since she did have hair left to cover her head. .but that brought to mind. . .

Story #1
This dear sister (AH) was wanting to get her bathroom repainted. . .
her husband told her to wait and he woulddo it when he got back to town, but waiting is hard. . .
Her son even told her to wait and he would paint it, but he wouldn't get off work until late afternoon and she knew he'd be tired. . .
So, she did the "I'll take charge!" thing, put an apron over her good clothes, got out a ladder, opened the paint, got her brush and paint try, taped off the ceiling and tub area and proceeded to get the job done.
One big problem, the ladder would only fit in a small area of the bathroom so she had to stretch way out to reach the wall area away from the ladder. . .
And while reaching with one arm, the other arm holding  the paint tray was over her head. . .       You guessed it, it tilted and went spilling down over her and into her hair, down her neck. . . into the back covering her new blouse. . .down her apron. . .all over her legs and feet. . .her glasses were covered as was her face. . .
Praise God it was water base paint. . .but it was deep red!
The little grand-daughter was screaming. . . "There's stuff running down your face!
Do you want me to call Mom?
There's stuff running down your legs are you alright?
Your eyes are all red!"
The sister was trying to do what she could to get the paint off everything but how. . . she had to just step into the shower fully clothed and painted and let the water start washing everything off. . .!
Her blouse was stuck to her back.
Her hair-pins were stuck in her hair!
Her grand-daughter was stuck in panic mode!
She kept telling her grand-daughter to get out.
This dear lady finally called her hair-dresser for
I certainly wish we had a picture or video of her!
She looked great today, as usual, but there
were still some red streaks in her hair. . .around the frames of her glasses and under her finger nails.
Yes, she wishes she'd taken the sound counsel of her husband. We laughed and laughed. . .God knows how to discipline our lack of patience!

Which brought on story
Story #2
Another dear lady (WG) told how her husband year ago had told her not to go to the store until he woke up from his nap and then he'd take her. . .but she really wanted to get there and back now. . .
so while he was sleeping she thought she'd just slip off with her little girl and be back before he would wake. . .
She was hardly a block from the house when her tire popped!  A flat.
People stopped, wanting to help her but she just drove back on the flat to the house. . .She knew God wanted her to pay attention to her spouse. She said this happened to her twice in her married life.

Story #3
So while we were all laughing the lady that started the whole thing is reminded of an occasion where she failed to listen to the instructions of her husband.
This young lady decided her carpet was due for a change.
She wanted a new but her hubby said, "NO."
She asked if she/he could dye it and he said, "Don't even think about it."
So, being the "obedient" wife, she and her friend decided to try to dye it on their own.
They got the rug machine and tried to dye it brown but somehow the dye slung all over the baseboard and all over them. . .plus it looked like, well lets just say something really gross.
She said it was a real mess and her husband made her LIVE with that dyed carpet with the "custom" dyed baseboard for the next three years.
More laughter because we've all been there in our own lives.

But that called for one more story. . .
Story #4
Another older sister (CG) said several years ago her husband went out of town for a meeting.
She had some things she wanted done and he said,
"Whatever you do, do not use a chair to climb on."
But you guessed it, she wanted something and decided to get a chair, an old chair at that,and climb up to reach what she needed.
As soon as she was up on the chair reaching, the whole chair just came apart. . .she went crashing down and landed on the open door of the dish washer!
She was banged up but learned her lesson.
Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams.
I Samuel 15:22

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