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Friday, June 15, 2012

A "Cheesey" Day with Eight of my Nine Grands. . .

I really enjoyed being with the kids today.  It was a day of fun.
For about $64.00 ten of us ate and eight kids had three hours
fellow -shipping together and riding all the rides. . .and it was in the cool indoors too.
That's pretty inexpensive.
We ran into Philema Mooneyham and Charlene Ashby with their kids.
It was a good day. 

 Travis takes a spin with Chunk.E.Cheese.


Brooklyn shares her time with Jesse and George. . .
she watched over them and they were glad to let her instruct.

Kathryn and Laura are taking a virtual roller coaster ride.
Two best cousin friends.

Kimmie loved being partnered with Jillian.  They got along great all day.
If Jilly went anywhere alone Kimmie was anxious to find her.

Jesse and George taking a wild ride in the jeep.

Jilly in a rare moment alone. . .up and away she pedals.

All this fun going on while Sarah and I watched with enjoyment.  It was a fun day with no
screaming, crying or fighting. . .only cheerful play.
That's a good day with eight kids in tow.

All this fun going on while over in Kentucky the kid's Papaw
is playing music with the good folks "on THE hill" in Kentucky.
He is really enjoying himself. . .
said they had some awesome moves of the spirit!

At the camp meeting. . .my handsome husband enjoys his music.
He didn't take his new guitar for fear something would happen to it.He loves to play between services with the other "pickers".
That's Bro. Patton's kind of music!

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