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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Grandma's "dress up" dolls . . .Kimmie's ready to be a mother. . .

So this is Kimmie Jo. . .the other day she came down the stairs into the
kitchen where her mother was working and excitedly stated,
"Mom, now me and Laura can grow up and be mothers!"
Sarah says, "What do you mean?  How do you know you can be mothers now?"
Kimmie says, "Because we can both walk down the stairs now without holding on. . ." (to the railing)

Another thing she told me the other day. . .See, I've been trying to get her to stop
biting her finger-nails.
I told her princesses don't bite their finger-nails. . .

So, we are in the car on our way to meet Becky at the mall when Kimmie tells
me, "Grandma, guess what?  I haven't been biting my finger-nails today (long pause like she's thinking if she should tell me more, then resolved to confession). . .but
I did eat my toes a little bit."
She was so proud.

That's life through a kid's perspective!

Being a girl is such fun. . .dressing up and putting on assorted pieces of
clothing to create an image. . .what fun and it's free!
These pictures didn't come out very well but you get the idea.

Laura, Kathryn, Jilly and Brooklyn doing a "dress up" show.

Brooklyn interviews Jilly.

Kathryn shows off her style.

Laura dressed up with one shoe off and one shoe on. . .
they sure had a blast acting CRAZY.
Maya. . .always in motion. . .full of life even when she doesn't have on those
fancy glasses. . .Mom, Davita is just content to watch the action
and not participate.

Yes, these are local church celebrities. . .but they were willing to
pose for a quick mug shot.
George and Sophie looking stylish in their own special flavor.
Sis. Christine Gregory in the background.

Carolina Orta and Laura looking their best
as they pose in their matching dresses. . .
little sister, Audrey Orta, couldn't resist making it a three-some.

Emily Jane looking all bright eyed. . . enjoying her ring-side seat
to the family conversation.
This is one good baby.

Jesse at the house just thinking, . .
He and Jilly had been running around with "stick horses" and
his horse had lost it's head. . .leaving him to do all the thinking alone.

Travis in his own style. . .dress shirt with diaper and sandals.
It just may start a trend.

And to wrap it up, Sophie was sent into the corner for time out. . .
and that's just what it became. . .she was off
to dream land and didn't mind the correction at all!
Being corrected can sure take all the fight out of you.

Aren't they sweet!

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