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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jesse turns 4. . .Colt and Case on their way. . .

Look who turned . . .4 today. . . Jesse Frank Peach

Jesse's folks fix his cake table while Kathryn and he make sure it's done correctly. . .George is busy playing. 
This was Friday night at the Peach Shower for Chelsea's twins.

Jesse acting a little bashful about being the center of attention.
Papaw played "Happy Birthday" on the guitar and everyone sang.
  Laura, Brooklyn and Jesse. . .he was having trouble lifting his gift
from the bag. . .a set of building blocks like legos.
His favorite gift may have been the one from
Wyatt. . .it was a sword (flexible but neat looking).
He also loved his new P.J.'s and
the match box cars.
A new bicycle was supposed to be given to him at home.

Thank you Lord for allowing us to keep Jesse.
Thank you for letting him live through that awful seizure experience two years
ago. . .and letting his mind be as good as new. . .you were increasing our faith.
Lord, help us to always be thankful.  krp

Note: I started this post July 2, 2012 but didn't get to finish it because I
had a housefull of mothers. . .so it is now July 3rd.
My mother, so much alive in my own thoughts and actions,
passed away seven years ago yesterday. 
Her words still ring in my ears.
She was a great instructor for life. . .she had a desire to see her children
serve the Lord and she made sure we were able to get the message
of "the body".
She was a treasure!

Here are some pictures of the Shower for Chelsea's twins.
The little mother-to-be looked beautiful!
May God bless them in the years ahead.
Chelsea is Scott's daughter, Darlena's granddaughter.
 Chelsea and Sarah
Jason and Chelsa Harrison come down for a Peach shower. . .
Grandma Willa would be so excited.

 Chelsea checking out baby Emily.
 Barbara and Chelsea at the cake table. . .family famous artist's (Great, Great Uncle Tom) banner in background.
Barbara, Chelsea, Becky talking to Emily. 

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