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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Some pictures of people I love. . .

Two really cool dudes with their new hair cuts. . .Paul and Daniel  are some handsome guys.
Two older dudes, Ricky and Stan,  just relaxing in the living room and discussing life's issues.
Happy Olivia. . .Happy Grandma Janet. . .at Doug's talking to me on the phone.
I think Olivia really likes her GRANDmother.
Kristen and Olivia all decked out at Doug's house.

Five litle speckled frogs. . .sitting on a speckled log. . .
oops!  not frogs but Paul, Denny, Hannah, Daniel, Joe and Bucky out front.

Bucky, Paul, Denny, Hannah, Daniel and Joe
on trip 2012.

The Doug Wirth Family 2012
Rachel sorrounded by her man, Doug
and her boys, Paul, Daniel, Bucky and Joe

Georgie-Porgie at Italianio's. . .making friends with the "candyman".
The patch is to strengthen his eye.  He started crossing it as a "game" and kept doing it until
it was too much. . .so we put on the patch and he's doing better. . .much better.

Jed Wirth and Little Allen at Big Jon's Deli 2012
Allen's mother, Karla Renae (Renae after me :),
has been a friend to our family since she was a baby.
I was her first babysitter!
Big Jon, Karla and Doug had lots and lots of fun together as kids.
We lived right across the alley from their family.
Carl, Karla's dad rode the school bus with my mom.
Nev's daddy, Bro. Hetzel was the preacher that married Tom and I.
We're family.

Baby Silas in "wig". . .just  being goofy with Grandma Brenda.

Levi and Eden in back yard at Grandma Brenda's.
Levi and Eden - tree for two and two for tree.

Pretty little church girls. . .at the big Humble church.
Rosie, Kathryn, Jilly and Sophie.

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