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Monday, July 16, 2012

More of my thoughts. . .the Devil is such a liar!

I am so sick of the Devil trying destroy good people. . .
I am sick of him trying to discourage them from following the Lord. . .
Satan can sure make you think everyone and everything is against you.

Satan can sure make others feel like you are against everyone and everything.

He can cause you to feel like no one cares about you . . .or even likes you!
Satan tries to make you feel from others what he really feels about you.
He really is against you.
He really does want to make you not like anyone.
He wants to make others not like you.
He doesn’t want us to be a team. . .an army. . .
he wants to get us off alone
so he can wipe us out without anyone to give us support.
He is our Enemy. 
He will set up his camp right inside our mind!
He will shove all our forgiveness and mercy over and make himself comfortable right there in our thoughts.
He will nourish our thoughts with evil surmises.
He will talk up our failures like a magnified 5x mirror.
Satan will deliver us a hateful message via someone we love and trust to
make us both suffer. . .
He’s hoping we'll destroy one another so he won't
need to.


We can tell him to get out. . .we can reject his lies as we see he is not only working on me, but on the person who is delivering all the hurtful words
in my direction.

We can turn what the enemy means for evil into our good. . .just like Joseph. . . Daniel. . .and the Hebrew boys. . .IF we allow the Lord to
put us into the fire to burn off our bonds first.

We can bless those who curse us. . .we can turn the other cheek. . .and the other cheek. . .and the other cheek until we just wear the enemy out.

We can realize God does allow whatever happens to us for a reason. . .we can ask God to show us the reason and help us work with, not against Him.

We can pray for our sources of irritation and distress. . .we can find peace in our storm.

It reminds me of an old chorus. . .
Fight on! Fight on!  'Til the day is done.
Fight on! Fight on!  'Til the race is run.
Fight on! Fight on!  I hear HIM say.
Fight on my child, I've been this way."

and Bro. Dennis McClure's song. . .
"HE wouldn't have called me. . .if He didn't want me.
HE wouldn't have given His life on Calvary in vain.
HE wouldn't have said that I could go. .
If it really wasn't so. . .
HE wouldn't have chosen me if I couldn't make it in."

Dear Friends. . .Fight on!  Jesus is the winner so stay on His side of the fight.

~Jesus will help us. . .if we let Him.~

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