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Saturday, July 14, 2012

2012 VBS . . . The Ten Commandments. . .

I just wanted to give honor to all those young boys and
girls who did such an excellent job on the VBS program. 
They sang the songs and put their hearts into it!  One time I heard a song about "Satan not caring if we go to
church or if we sing or do anything good IF we don't put our hearts into it". . .BUT IF we put our heart into it we
are defeating the enemy.  Tonight the young people were
giving the enemy a hard time.

I also wanted to honor Bro. and Sis. Glass for going through all the pressures of VBS each year. 
Sis. Lydia and Sis. Heather did an excellent job with the songs. . .and getting the children to respond. . .then all the teachers, workers, prayer warriors for chapel. . .
God sees all that each of you do and He keeps good records. . .even
those who helped clean. . .Bro. Hank Blades, Tom and Chad for all the signs/props. . .especially the 10 Commandments. 
It was all just really neat.

But most of all, I want to thank Jesus.  He is so very busy, yet each day HE showed up for VBS. 
He cares so much about what these children will be facing in the years ahead. . .He loves them so very much that He came every day to give them special blessings.  He is so awesome. 
How in the world can we tell Him we don't have time to do what He asks of us? 
How dare we tell Him that! 
He, who is busy ALL the time, knows just how much time we each waste daily. . .Sometimes we waste our time. . .sometimes His. 
He knows how much of our time is "Ours vs. His". . .He gets the short end of the stick, yet He keeps on giving.

"Thank you Jesus for all the tools you give us to reach out to our children and their children. 
Thank You for all the years You've allowed me to work with children.
I really miss working with the kids in music and story telling. . .I just love working with kids.
I'm grateful that I responded when You allowed me to have that opportunity in years past. 
More than anything else I want them to get the message. . .Your message.  NOTHING compares to You. . .NOTHING. 
Everything else in life is void without Your sweet spirit giving us life. 
Lord, help us to dedicate our lives to Your service. . .
show us mercy because we need it. . .
help us identify the false gods in our lives. . .
help us identify things we worship that are not solid truth.
Lord, help me to agree that Your direction for my life is better than my own. 
I'm Yours. . .I'm trying to be more Yours everyday.
Lord, take my life, use all my mind, with ALL my heart let me worship!  Help me bring You honor. 
I want You to be King of my life. 
Please help me never to fail by bowing to or serving other gods but let me walk uprightly in Your truth.
Lord, bless these VBS children to grow into mighty soldiers of the cross. . .help them to raise up a standard of holiness that becomes an eternal flame  of Your light which the enemy can never blow out!"

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