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Monday, August 6, 2012

Blessings. . .New birth. . .Baptized! God is SO good!

If you are a person who has never been to a church where people actually "reach out and touch
the Lord". . .you may not understand these pictures. . .but let me tell you it is precious.
If you've felt the mighty spirit of the Lord flood your soul with His virtue. . .you understand!
I am so blessed to KNOW Jesus!

Phillip gets "lost" in the sweet spirit of the Lord at Little Rock youth meeting.
Doug Wirth, Doug Riley, Bro. Nick and others helping him touch Jesus.

Paul gets the Holy Ghost today in Birmingham, AL!
God is so Good.


Brooklyn gets baptized in a wonderful, powerful service last Sunday night.

We've had another wonderful week-end here in Humble!
Bro. Gary Wright was anointed with a message to inspire our hearts
to keep walking. . .don't faint. . .and don't give up. . .
because it is God's desire to help us.
He will give us grace - desire and power - but we will have to walk in
the light He gives us to stay on the pathway.
We can overcome!
We can live above sin.

"I want to go.  I want to go.
If You give me grace to make it, I want to go.
I have been on the mountain. . .
Caught a glimpse of the promised land.
So if You'll give me grace to make it, I want to go."

I don't know who wrote this chorus, but it is my desire.

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