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Friday, August 10, 2012

Old friends . . . Jilly has a birthday! . .Emily sits alone. . .

Tonight was a very special evening. . .
Janet and I went to the store to shop for some gifts early in the day.
We had fun shopping and then on the way home I got a call
from my good friend, Donna Mofley.
She was feeling like getting "out" and we were excited for her to come over.
We dropped off Janet's groceries and headed over to my house.
Donna actually drove over herself. . .first time she'd driven in a while.
Janet and I decided we ought to just make it an evening, so we
started making plans for supper.
We had everything we needed to make. . .
some rib steaks, baked potato casserole, corn on the cob and salad. . .
well, a little more than we needed but all we wanted.

We had such a good time after the meal just sitting around
talking about church  meetings. . .
memories of services past where the power of the Lord
swept through the congregation. . .
memories of funny things that happened through the years.
Memories of favorite "characters" who added special "flavor" to the  service menu.
It took all of us combined to come up with some of the names of people we
were remembering. . .but working together we filled in the blanks.
It was just a great evening and we ended it up with
a wonderful spirit-filled prayer.
Sis. Donna said it was the most peaceful evening she'd had in a while. . .
that certainly was music to our hearts.
Isn't God good to bless us with friends. . .we truly are a "family of a different kind".
Friends you've grown old with are extra special.
We are so blessed.

Yesterday, August the 9th, 2012 Jillian turned NINE!
I told her she was at the top of the single digit numbers and next
year she'd be back to the bottom of the double digits.
Jilly has been wanting to play the violin for quite a while. . .this picture is from February.
Just last Sunday afternoon she had her first beginner's band practice!
I know she will do well because she loves the stringed instruments.
I love violin music.
Daddy's real Dad played a violin and so did his father.
Some of Dad's ancestors actually made violins. . .so it must be in her blood.
We are so thankful the Lord gave us such a precious and beautiful GRANDdaughter.
Just last week-end I had all my grand-kids at the house while their mothers were
at a home-school workshop.
Brooklyn and Jilly both were very good helpers in watching the smaller children
and in helping clean up after meals.
Even Laura and Kathryn helped clean up the table and rinse off the dishes.
We had a great time!
The kids took turns reading stories to each other.
We also had some very good puppet shows the kids worked out.
Even little Travis loved watching and listening.
George and Jesse Frank even did a puppet show of their own.
Grandma's are blessed women. . .our arms and hearts of full of
precious little treasures Jesus has allowed us to enjoy as we grow old.

This is a picture of  the kids sitting quietly while Brooklyn or Jilly is reading them a story. . .
precious hours spent together. . .we have this moment to hold in our hands like
the old song says.  Later in the day even Pa-paw was telling some stories
with the kids all around him. I think he's their favorite.
Here's the birthday girl holding little Emily Jane last week. . .two beauties.

Emily rolls from her back to belly. . .two weeks ago.

Emily chooses to sit alone for the very 1st time at Grandma's house!
Isn't she a doll and she is such a sweet baby.

"Lord, thank you for making our home a gathering place.
Help us to always remember to use it for your glory. . .it is a special blessing given to us for
our shelter, for our children, for their children, for our brothers and sisters, for nieces and nephews and for Your children.
Give us the grace to share it in ways that will please You."

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