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Saturday, September 22, 2012

A "soaring" experience for Doug's boys. . .and more!


Way, way up in the sky is the Wirth boys soaring over the Gulf in Florida.

Doug and Bucky up close.
This is Bucky (David) with Doug.

When I consider the heavens. . .the work of thy hands. . .what is man that thou art mindful of him. ..
seeing thngs from up high can give you a grip on how small man is for such a great God
to be mindful about his needs and even his wants.
Paul, Doug and Joe

Paul, Bucky and Joe  wanted to "fly high", at first they were a little up-tight and tense. . .but they enjoyed it and were able to relax as the ride progressed.

Dad Doug, the leader of the pack.


Finally we see the boat way down there guiding their ride. . .in the seat
far above.
Here's Rachel failing to walk on water but enjoying walking in it none-the-less.
She was probably the "best dressed" woman on the beach front as far as God was concerned.
Bucky is taking the wave with her. 
Daniel  snorkling. . .I don't know what all he was seeing underwater. . .
but I know he enjoyed it. 

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