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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Brooklyn's new braces. . .another Hanna will give us 10 grands

Brooklyn gets braces. . .
I think she might be feeling a little strained. . .
 trumpet practice is going to feel. . .ouch?
Just another note. . .in this world of changes. . .changes. . .changes. . .
another change is coming to the Hanna Family. . .
they will be welcoming a "new Hanna"  to their home around April of 2013.  

Both of my children believe in family. . .they believe in marriage. . .they believe children are the heritage of the Lord and that God will bless you if you have a "quiver" full.  
They trust God. I am so blessed.

I was thinking the other night about children and how, as a church, our value of children can be the same as the world's. . .how we can think we don't have the money for another child so we should avoid having another. . .but how? 
I know I almost panic when I find out my kids are having another child, 
but is that a righteous feeling?  
Or is that the same thought pattern of the ungodly sinner? 
The world encourages abortion more and more for that very reason. . .they don't think they can give the child what it needs. . .that it would make the mother too burdened
. . .we don't, we call abortion murder.  
We don't even believe in piercing our ears, so it doesn't seem like a vasectomy or tuba-ligation would be the best answer. . .I mean that is messing with life potential. 
We don't believe in defrauding our spouse, so that couldn't be the answer.

 So, what do we believe?  
Do we really believe God's word is true and that marriage is honorable and the bed undefiled?. . .  
Or do we think that we can do things our own way and make adjustments to the way GOD designed our body so that it won't function properly?  
Does He even mind?   
I guess each husband and wife have to address these questions and 
make the decision they feel is correct. 

When I was expecting my second child the doctor told me I had to get a tubal. . .
he felt it strongly enough he said he would do it for free.  
It was a hard decision for us to make and we did ask Bro. Patton about it. 
He felt it was right for us since the doctor felt certain 
I would not be able to bear more children and live to raise the two I'd have.
 I still felt unsure. . .like maybe it would keep me from making the "high calling". . .
I did have the tubal. . .
so . . .I'm not judging others.
Much later in my life  Bro. Patton told me, 
"Sis. Karen, you and Bro. Tommy  should have had ten kids, you love children so much."  
So many questions. . . I am afraid we, as a church, have not only been influenced by the world's lies about children, but we have bought the lie regardless of what the Bible has to say.
We, like Eve, would rather listen to the voice of the serpent, than hear the voice of the Lord.

We say,  "Women are better off with just a few kids so they can work for the Lord"
The Bible says a woman is saved in child bearing and raising up godly children IS God's work.

Have you ever wondered why the divorce rate is so high now in our nation?
Did you ever notice when the family size started to decrease the divorce rate increased?
Maybe it was all that extra time the mothers had to find other interests besides their own homes
and their own husbands? 
Maybe the work place was flooded with women who weren't raising children at home. . . 
and maybe they were more interested in pleasing the men they work with on the job than in pleasing their own husbands. . .a pathway leading to the destruction.
I don't know. . .these are just questions that God has me thinking about. . .looking for truth.
I don't have the answers. . .but Jesus does. . .I want to agree with Him.

I just have all these thoughts running around in my head. 
 I think how can Sarah and Chad take care of another child. . .
then I think all  of our help comes indirectly from the Lord. He can and will provide for our needs. 
 I think, I'm getting older so how in the world can I keep up with so many grand kids and give them all the attention I want to give them. . .
then I think, maybe God doesn't want me to give them all that attention. . .
maybe He has a plan for me to learn to give them attention, but not spoil them rotten.  
I guarantee you it is much easier to spoil just a few children than a dozen. 
God doesn't want a bunch of or even a few spoiled kids. . . 
He wants us to raise up children with principles so He can use them.

Some larger families in the "Body of Christ" I'd like to honor. . .
These folks take their kids to meetings all across the country.
It's a big sacrifice and lots of extra work but God notices.
Jason and Janet Daves           Lloyd and Denise Young
       Fred and Emilye McClenaghan

So, go ahead and be happy for us
. . .pray for us. . .
We are going to trust Jesus with this new little life.
We will try our best to teach this child how to walk with Jesus. 

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