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Monday, September 3, 2012

Laura turns 7. . .Travis Signing. . .Kids learn more than we think.

 Laura gets her Monterey hat and song for her 7th birthday!
George acting a little crazy for Sarah's birthday.
Travis (2 years) signing with Chad between church services.

I think we sometimes under-estimate how much 
the three and four year old can learn in Sunday School,
VBS and especially at home.
The old song, 
“Be careful little ears what you hear. . .little hands
what you do. . .little feet where you go. . .
for the Father up above is looking down in love. . .” 
was not just a cute song for children. 
It was actually a lesson for both children,
and parents raising children.  
You want your child to be the right kind of person
with a sweet, gracious spirit?. . .
Then be careful what you let your child hear you say.  
Be careful what attitude they see you display.
Be careful where they see you go, or what they see you think is more important than being with God’s children in God’s house. . .
That is exactly how you teach them to bow down to other gods. . .
you simply give other things more room in your life than the true God.

Anyway. . .what I was posting was a cute story 
Janet told me about her grand, Maya Lynn.  
It seems Maya was over at MaMaw Janet’s house,
 but getting ready to leave.  
She had picked up a favorite-for-the-moment toy and was heading to the door with it in hand. . . ready to slip out the door with it in tow. 
BUT, Maya looked down at the toy and started singing a song the
Kids learned in VBS . . .
”It doesn’t belong to me, It doesn’t belong to me, 
If it belongs to someone else it doesn’t belong to me.” 
She got the lesson. . .and even in her sub-conscious
she was singing herself a reminder that she needed to put the toy back because it wasn't hers. . .

Then another story along this line. . .
Jesse was sitting at the table
over at Stan's talking to his PaPaw yesterday.  
Tom told him some big story about eating his food and Jesse said, "Is that the truth PaPaw or are you breaking God's commandment?" 

Another day, George was telling  a big made-up story. . .Jesse said, "Is that a lie?. . .George said, "No, I'm just teasing." . . .Jesse said, "Well, really George, teasing is kind of the same as telling a lie, so you are breaking God's commandment." 
It just makes this old grandmother feel good to know kids are getting  God's values planted into their thoughts.  
Isn't it great when kids can "think" God's thoughts! 
 Aren't we blessed that God trusts us to plant them into their minds.  I think maybe I need to stop "teasing" and just speak the truth. . .
if I'm making up a story, then let them know it just a fun story.
I don't want them to ever have occasion to doubt my word.  

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