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Monday, October 22, 2012

Fun?. . .abusive relationships. . .Bucky's story


You probably think Bucky looks scared here but something even scarier happens
to him in the story below. 
Please note, Doug told him to scream so he wouldn't be afraid. . .Doug
screamed with him but it didn't help. . .
But after the first ride, Bucky wanted to do it again. . .and again. . .
Here's another ride with Joe, Doug, Bucky (terror faced) and Paul whooping it up on the front row.
Doug's job takes him lots of places where he can stop for church. . .
and many times for recreation.

 Here's poor Rachel about to pass out. . .thinking. . ."Why?  Why? Why? did I do this?"
So rode only once and that was one time too many.

Okay, here's the story as told by Doug.
I was sitting in on the front row at church on Sunday talking to Darrick (Kevin's Dad) between services. There was a little girl (name withheld) sitting a couple of rows back and the following is the conversation that took place.
Little Girl: "Hey Bro. Doug".
Doug: "What is it?"
Little Girl: "Me and Bucky got something we want to tell you."
Doug: "Why don't you go ahead and tell me now"
Little Girl: "We want to tell you together"
Doug: "You go ahead and tell me now and when Bucky get here you can tell me again and I'll act like I'm surprised"
Little Girl: "OK. Me and Bucky are boyfriend and girlfriend.....giggling"
Doug, looking surprised: "You are"
Little Girl: "Yeah, but it's a secret"
About five minutes later Bucky comes in and sits on the row behind me and Darrick. The little girl is on the row behind Bucky.
Doug: "Hey Bucky, are you and - little girl - boyfriend and girlfriend?"
Bucky with BIG EYES: "NO!"
Little Girl: "Yes we are, tell him!"
Bucky rolling his eyes and looking guilty: "No we're not"
Little Girl pointing finger at Bucky: "You tell him we are right now or I'll slap your face!!"
At this point Darrick is laughing so hard his eyes are teary. He says, "Bucky, are you in an abusive relationship?"
Sorry it took me so long to write this out for you.

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