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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Olivia hits Texas. . .Joe's art. . .Bucky naps. . .wild hairdo

To the degree that we try to partake of the world, we diminish our spiritual brightness.
Bill Gothard

Olivia finally comes to Houston. . .we've been waiting a long time to see
this little bundle of energy.
We were also glad to see Kevin and Kristen.
It was good to see them all so happy with love and life.

This was Joe's yard art while in Texas. . .He and Uncle Tom have some of the
same wild but very interesting modes of display.
We thought this was pretty neat as he did it all by himself and
it had a great sense of balance/design.
Way to go Joe!
Here's Bucky at the Camp Ground taking a "spiritual nap" during prayer meeting.
He worked hard in the dining room late nights and the morning prayer call
just came a little too early.

This old picture of my aunt, Barbara, was restored by Josh Dillinger.
Yes, she's the one you can't miss.
Yes, that was quite a hair-do.
I am sure people focused on her hair more than what she was wearing!
She is much more moderate now. . .and a good sport about the picture.

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