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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thanksgiving Day 2012

Here it is, our Thanksgiving Day of 2012.
The Tom Peach family
Tom and Karen.
I am so blessed to have such a creative man for my husband.
He makes all kinds of neat things to help us have special memories of events.
Like this little Prairie house. . .he put this up for me so all could get their
pictures made in it. . .and he had plenty of props in the great room of the shop
to make it look rustic.
We have been blessed to have the energy to have these outing most Thanksgivings,
Christmases and 4th's of July. . .plus some in between.
This year Tom, Chad, Janet, Michelle, Doug and his boys all
helped get things together. . .it was a blessing to work together.
One more note, My folks were married on Thanksgiving Day 61 years ago and
Stan proposed to and gave a ring to Becky on Thanksgiving Day in 1995.
We owe so much of our happiness to the moral fiber our parents (Peach/Wirth)
and grandparents embraced. . .we carry much of the love they invested into
our lives inside our hearts and we are trying to continue in their example.
The Sam Perry family
Janet and the Preacher man..
Davita and Phillip were out of town visiting Phillips family.
David and Krista were with her family.
Kristen and Kevin weren't able to come because he couldn't get off work.
The Chad Hanna family
George, Chad, Travis, Laura, Sarah and Kimberly
The Stan Peach Family
Brooklyn, Kathryn, Emily, Stan, Jesse, Becky and Jillian
The Doug Wirth family
Joseph, Daniel, Doug, David (Bucky), Rachel and Paul
The Denny Wirth family
Michelle, Ashley, Brayden, Denny and Jaida
Autumn and Josh couldn't come since they'd just taken off to go to Abby's wedding.
Jon's entire family didn't get to make it as they had just used lots
of time and energy getting their daughter married. . .
Abby and Andrew are in Texas now, but they were barely home from
their honeymoon!

Below you see the Stephens' family.
We were glad to have them share our day with us.
All the boys had a great time and we enjoyed them so much.
When their dad was ready to leave the boys talked him into
staying longer. . .so they were still here for the fireside.
Jacob was getting into frontier character below.




Some folks didn't come by for the whole day, but were here for a while.
Here's Barbara and David Peach with George getting in on the hug.
Then we were also honored to have Sis Margaret Orand come by
to eat and fellowship with us.
We've made her part of our "holiday family".
Doug Stephen's mother, Mary, enjoyed the day with us.
She was in town from DesMoines, Iowa.
She attends Bro. Goodwin's church.
It was a pleasure to get to know her and get better acquainted with her family.

Brayden has his mouth full of Sarah's "cutie" oranges. . .
He can put away the food!
Travis enjoys just sitting out on the stump beside the prairie house with
his big straw hat.
Janet, Rachel and Doug help get last minute coffee and etc. ready.
Rachel goes outside to see if she can help carry some food into the building.
Notice that we even had a table for the two toddlers to sit at.
There was a table for men, a table for women, For younger kids and for the older.
We also had high chairs for the two babies so we ALL got to sit down together.
Above we have Doug and Chad who both helped to make sure each family
attending got their pictures taken.
Below, Doug helps make sure the little prairie house was all set up for
pictures.  The kids had a good time playing in it all day.
The boys used it as a stable, the girls a house.



Tom and Stan get a little time to talk to one another. . .
what a good dad Stan has. . .what a good son Tom has.
They are both blessed.

Stan with baby Emily Jane. . .she was glad to be in
her daddy's arms, outside with the other kids.
In the background you can see little Kimmie Jo.
The kids just didn't want to quit playing.
It was really neat that day because all the kids, young and old,
played together.  The older kids let the little kids play
hide and seek on their perspective teams. . .and just rope. . .high jump. . .
and corn hole toss. . .etc.
They climbed all over the play set too..
Later that evening we lit up a fire in a huge old cast-iron kettle and
sat around talking while the kids played.
Here Chad was getting things started. . .
Doug helped the kids makes s/mores. . .Yum. . .Yum.
And here's our little frontier girl, Laura Jean. . .she wore he hat a lot of the day.
That’s all folks. . .There was so much activity, so much fun and games going on that
we just didn’t think about taking more pictures.  Doug may have some I don’t have.
"Dear Lord, I want to thank you from my heart for another year of freedom in our country. . .freedom to give thanks openly to you for all the blessings of life.
Thank you Lord for giving us this property to host events.
Thank you for giving us family and friends who want to share the day with us.
Thank you for the love that can be felt running all through the house/shop,
out in the yard, around the tables. . .it isn't something that everyone has at their
family dinners.
Lord, thank you for all the loads of food we once again had on the table.
It seems like everyone here wants to do "their share" of blessing others.
I am so blessed!
Thank you for all the many years of Thanksgivings, just like this one today
that I spent at my Pappy and Granny Bare's home. . . Or with my
Grandma and Grampa Banks. . .
Or at my own parents home when their folks were too old and tired to
continue having things at their home.
We are Family. . .family with so much love we can even give it to others who
come by. . .with so much happiness we won't lose anything by sharing it with you. . .
God you have blessed us with the things in life that really matter most
and it our duty and our pleasure to bless others.
Your Child, krp"

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