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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Everybody helps at the STPeach's. . .Travis chows down


Here's Jesse helping to move-in at the new house.
They'd been moving little by little while still working
on the new house for all the changes Stan and Becky wanted.
So, all summer they've moved some stuff, but this was the day
they seriously started bringing everything to the new home.
They'd sold the "house Stan built" and had to get out so the new
folks could get in.
Jesse's dad made everyone carry boxes up the stairs to the new
living area.
I started to take this picture of Jesse and he hurriedly put down the
box, I said, "Jesse, I want to get a picture of you helping."
He said, "Carry the box with my hat on?"
I said, "Yes."
After I took the picture he wanted to see it. . .
He said, "Oh, that's really cute Grandma."

And here's another. . .really cute one.

 Jesse said, "Look Mom, I can write all my
A, B, C's!"  He's off to a good start.
Here's another cutie, Emily Jane. . .it was taken at the
old house earlier.  This piano was one Becky Wright
had given to the Peach girls. . .but
Becky Peach gave it back to Shalyne Wright for
Becky Wright's grand-girls.
 Emily. . .she loves being outside in her walker. . .with her baby doll.
You can certainly spot the girls who have larger
families. . .they love to play "mother".
Don't you wish there were more who recognized the value of that blessed position!
Here's a video of Kathryn climbing back up the stadium steps
at Mt. Carmel High School after running the track.
It was one of the things the girls loved doing while at the
old home town.  They loved going down the steps,
running around the big track on the outside of the football field,
then running back up the steps.
This was what Uncle Jon and Uncle Doug used to do for workouts
during football practice. . .no wonder they had winning teams.

Travis chowing down. . .
and below eating jello at Luby's.
He would blow his jello (like he was trying to cool it down)
before taking a bite.

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