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Monday, December 17, 2012

Lovely Ladies Annual Luncheon

This luncheon is given in memory of our beautiful mother. . .Jean Wirth
Giving was something she was successful at doing.
She gave not only things. . .but had enough love to reach out and include
those who were in need with compassion and grace.

Sisters  - Helen Taylor, Joy Tinney and  Marion Wright (front row)
Clara Crumpacker, Mary Eberhart, Alvenia Barr, Patsy Bollier and Polly

 Here are some pictures of our "lovely ladies". . .women who have been through some rough years without their spouses beside them.  We, Janet and I, like to give them a special time of fellowship to show them how much we love them. . .and to do something special for them in
honor of our dear mother, Norma Jean Banks Wirth.  We lost her in 2004. Mom would be very pleased with us for this. She liked "to do" for others.  We hold it at the White Flamingo in Spring, Tx.

Darlena Williams and Martha Dodd.
 Becky Wright  and Janet Perry
Becky used to come with her mother who she lost several years back.
We have continued to invite her as guest of honor being Bro. Gary Wright's wife, our pastor.
I'm with them in the picture below.
Nev Doades and Darlene Stelljes
Here's  Sis. Alvenia Barr/Stewart, Patsy Bollier and her sister, Polly
Everyone got to know Polly better during our stories. . .she's a keeper!
Sis. Marge Turner and Sis. Lucille Marshburn - sorry the picture is so blurry.
It's not the people or the camera but me, the photographer, who messes things up.
Sis. Riley and  Sis. Bernice Atwell
We were so happy to have Sis. Riley down from South Dakota and able to attend the luncheon.
Sis. Frances Pruiett, Sis. Clara Crumpacker and Sis. Mary Eberhart
Our waiter, Thomas, did a great job.
He also, along with Evelyn, enjoyed some of Janet's homemade cake.
This year she made a diabetic Pumpkin Cheesecake plus a
German Chocolate and  Pecan Pie cake!
Let me tell you,  it was hard to make a choice.
I got to take home some of each. ;) Benefits of being the other hostess.


This was a gift from Nev. . .she got one for both Janet and I.
The reason I posted it online is to let you know the three items up front were made
by her granddaughter, Makaela.
They smell great and I think it's neat Makaela is doing homemade soaps and lotions.
She just might sell you some if you're interested.

Each year we have different ladies attend.  We try to invite who the Lord lays on our
hearts. . .sometimes a few can't make it due to health or they just have other plans
but we mostly get a great response.
They give us a room to ourselves where we can each give a little story about something in our lives.
This year our theme was "A Mentor In My Life Who Helped Me Become Who I Am".
The stories were precious as always.

Psalm 146:9

9 The Lord preserveth the strangers; he relieveth the fatherless and widow: but the way of the wicked he turneth upside down.

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