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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pictures of Progress on Stan's Stables

Stan, Doug, chad, tom and forest begin
work on horse stalls in the back pasture. . .
this was the day after thanksgiving.

Daniel and Brooklyn are playing out near
the project.

Doug checking out some work progress while
help, Forest  stands on other side of the wall.

Doug, Stan and Denny at work in the sun.
Stan with his traditional tongue between his teeth. . .a papaw wirth trait.

chad and Doug making lots of progress

Denny, Doug, Stan, chad all working to get
the stable ready for a horse or two.

Forest  and Stan up in the air working
on beams.

forest , Stan and Doug

Stan and doug getting ready to run roof beams.

doug and stan have to sign off on day 4. . .
it was getting dark and doug had to leave early the next morning.
they didn't get it completed, but thanks to all the help they were well on their way.
Brian Nelson came over and worked one day with
stan but we weren't there so didn't get any pictures.
Tom took these.

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