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Monday, December 3, 2012

Overflowing hospitality. . .at Mary and Will's home

John and Amy Cooley

Once again we had so very much fun and felt so comfortable in the home of Mary and Will Cooley.
They were so very gracious to welcome us, and our grandkids, into their home while we were
in town for Abby and Andrew's wedding.
We were able to spend time in their home with their children and grands too.
Erin made chili for us all one night. . .it was excellent!
John made meat roll ups and Kayla made cookie bars.
It was all so good.
We had fun watching the kids play on the Wii. . .and Aunt Mary played some computer games with
my three girls. . .they thought she was so much fun!
Mary and Will treated us with genuine love. . .a gift you just can't buy but you can give it in return. . .and we do.

Here are just a few pictures and videos from that visit. . .by me, a not so great photographer.

Little Emmit takes on William
Tom, Jilly, Kathryn, Brooklyn, and Caitlin
Caitlin, Erin's daughter
Emmit at Abby's wedding
More Emmit and William. . ."A joke". . .
Jeremy, Kayla's husband
Tom holding Jilly at Mary's house.
John at Abby's wedding. 
Amy and Kenzie at Mary's house.
Will and little Mary, Kayla's baby.
Tom, Brooklyn and Caitlin all interested in the conversation in the room.
Kathryn takes a special interest in baby Mary. . .she was missing her baby sister, Emily.
Mary like Kathryn too.
Will loves those GRANDkids.
Mary tries to get out of the picture. . .Kayla hold the new baby, Nash.

Brooklyn helping Kathryn get her hair ready for church in Aunt Mary's bathroom.

Aunt Mary blow-drys Kathryn's hair.
"Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares."
Hebrews 13:2
We may not have been strangers or for sure we're not angels, but I'm certain the Lord will reward
Mary and Will for the hospitality they've shown, not only to us, but to
many, many people who needed a place to stay and a friend in life's journey.
I guess a "stranger" could be someone who is not usually in your home. . .
it's strange for them to be there. . .so we were in a sense "strangers".

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