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Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Hanna's garage sale and Sabbath celebration

And. . .you probably thought your Grandkids were cute. . .
All dressed up and barefoot are these beautiful Hanna children.
May God help them to accept His grace and become the men and women of God.
He has a plan for their future. 

The Happy Hanna family had some sparkling grape juice with their Sabbath Supper for a
home schooling project.  The kids were all dressed up and excited for their evening.
Sarah, George, Kimmie, Laura and baby Travis.

George, Laura, Kimmie and Travis
Just when the weather seemed to be hot, hot, hot. . .it turned cold on garage sale day.
The Lemonade and cookie stand still made sales and the kids had lots of fun.
Kimmie especially keep making drinks for people who weren't there. . .then she drank them so they wouldn't be wasted.
Laura was the main cashier.


Kimmie has a hard time giving up some of the "for sale" products.
She kept getting toys from the boxes to play with. . .breaking up, even with toys, is hard to do.

George in one of his "salesman" personalities. . .I think it's called aggressive salesmanship.
It's the end of the day and everything is almost gone. . .just waiting for people to come and pick up what
they've already bought.
Chad in background, Laura and Travis up front with expectant Sarah in center.

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