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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Silas Dan Dillinger - Safe in the mind/heart of Jesus


Silas Dan Dillinger

What is love? What does it sound like?
Is it the sound of giggles when two sweethearts kiss?
Or the sound of wedding bells on the day they become one?
Is love the sound of pain as a mother births her children?
Or the sweet suckling sound of her newborn at her breast?
Is love the sound of little feet running to embrace you?
Or his tiny voice saying, "Hi Daddy, I love you!"

Love has many sounds. . .
These past few days love sounded like happy, bubbly laughter around the table. . .
Then suddenly love sounded like a mother and father's desperate cry for help. . .heLP. . .HELP!
Love sounded like phones ringing all across the nation. . .
It was the sound of a multitude of voices raised in prayer and intercession all through the night.
Love cried out in deep anguish and want. . .
Yet had the courage to praise God even in surrender.

What is love?
It's letting go of a beloved son with heartbreaking sobs. . .
Yet having the capacity to rejoice because a brother has "come home".

Love is family coming together in support of family. . .
Friends knocking at your door with arms full of food and compassion.
Love is that pat on the back or tight embrace that comforts the wounded soul.
Love is hearing God's sweet spirit whispering. . .
"I am with you!"

We love you Josh, Emily, Eden and Levi.
May God give you new grace for each coming day and night.
Aunt Karen 1/13/13 in memory of our little Silas Dan Dillinger
Eden                  . . .Silas. . .                  Levi

Silas with his Grandpa Reuban Stence, Brenda's dad, at Abby's wedding.

Silas was and is loved. 
He was here for only a few days but he will get that "call to life" on the new earth.
He CAN live forever. . .You CAN trust JESUS.
When you think of Silas at night, think of him resting securely in the mind of Jesus. . .
When Jesus calls him, he will answer.

Click here for more pictures of Silas.

newborn Silas

~Jesus will help us. . .if we let him. ~

"Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of god, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand."
Eph. 6:13

Emily and Josh Dillinger

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