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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Emily Jane is ONE. .."Sweet Baby Joe" catches our dinner!

She is definitely a "sweetheart"!


 Look what "Sweet Baby Joe" caught fishing with Uncle Denny and Dad!
He loves to fish and he caught enough
for us to have a big fish meal yesterday!
Dad, Doug, fried the fish and we had some good eating thanks to Joe's
skills. . .Daniel was the biggest fish eater followed by myself.
Love that fish. 
Two big ones.
Surrounded by all his fish. . .there's a catfish at the top
you can't hardly see.


Sweethearts eating pancakes at Emily's house on Valentine's Day.

Found this picture of March 2011. . . Paul and Silas
at the Mt. Carmel church.
Too sweet not to post.

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