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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Emily. . .Kristen. . .Sami and more. . .


                                                      Here's two little ones, Eden and Levi,
enjoying another snowy day.

They were headed for St. Louis where Levi was going to get to

go to a "monster truck show" after a trip first to the hospital to get a hernia, he'd
had since birth, corrected.
Their family is doing well, by the help of the Lord.  They have good days and bad days
but the Lord is helping them in their grief. 
We again want to THANK everyone for their prayers and love!

 Been there, done that, got the T-shirt and some monster trucks for play.
Christina, Cecy, Emily and Sami all have big smiles
because Sami is back in church and they are all
"together again".
Sami said she is so glad to be back in church.  She and Sam are ready to "Stand".
Cecy is Sami's cousin.  She has been attending the church in Mt. Carmel for
awhile.  She came with Sami and stayed faithfully.
Last Sunday seemed like a wonderful day for the Lord to pour out His Spirit on us.
Here in Humble we were having a great service. . .it was the final day of a three
day Texas Fellowship Meeting.
The church was packed with people from all over the state.
Bro. D.L. Jones came bringing lots of his people and ministry.
They certainly blessed us with their gifts. . .as did the others who spoke.
Then Sunday night we got a text from Emily saying Mt. Carmel's morning and evening
services were "Whoooo Hoooooo!!!!  You should have been here."
I guess just about everyone in the church was blessed!
There was repenting. . .shouting. . .dancing. . .praising God however they could.
People who usually don't even wave their hands to the Lord were rejoicing
with great demonstration.
Both Mt. Carmel and Humble meetings started off with the band playing
"The Blood Bought, The Church, The Redeemed". . .
that seemed like a message God was wanting to highlight.
Then, I heard from my brother, Doug, that Springville, AL had a good service too.
People were out shouting and praising God. . .
Sounded like the Sargent family was very much into praise and worship
that evening.  Kristen and her sister-in-law and her mother-in-law were having
a good time letting the Lord know He is worthy of our praises.
Below is a neat picture Rachel made of Kevin, Olivia and Kristen.
Beautiful family. . .Olivia is now a one year old!
She had a big birthday bash at her home with lots of kids and gifts.
Her Grandparents (Janet & Sam) traveled there from Spring to take part in the big event. 

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