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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Eleven years ago. . .Sarah became Chad's wife!

Chad and Sarah were married eleven years ago on March 23, 2002.
I forgot all about it yesterday. . .but Laura reminded me in church last night.

She said, “Grandma, did you forget it was my mom and dad’s anniversary?”

Well, I certainly had.


But one thing’s certain. . .I will never forget that wedding day!

We were so excited for Sarah who looked beautiful and happy.

Her bridesmaids were all dressed up looking beautiful too.

The groom, Chad, and his groomsmen all were decked out fine. . .

All our “ducks were in a row” .

The minister, Bro. Lockler was there. . .the interpreter, Kristen was ready.

The violins were playing sweet music. . .and they had to keep playing

And playing way longer than they thought they’d have to. . .

Why?  Because Chad’s dad was stuck on I-45 due to a wreck.

We waited and waited because Chad didn’t want to start without his dad.

The wedding coordinator wanted the kids to go ahead but Chad said, “No”

And Sarah said, “No”.

We made an announcement to all our friends that filled the pews and

Everyone stayed. . .the wedding was an hour late!

Sarah had waited 28 years to find her “prince charming” so what was

another hour?

The rest of the wedding went fine . . .
but there were many special things to laugh and cry about.
Chad signed a song to Sarah, "From Adam's Side" while Stan sang it.
Kristen had worked and worked with him to get it just right.
It was so awesome!  Everyone loved it.
And then THE KISS. . .it was something no one there would forget.
As they'd never kissed before the wedding, they had a hard time getting
it together. . .Chad would lean forward. ..then Sarah. . .
then finally she signed you come to me. 
When they finally got it all worked out people were  laughing so hard they
were crying.  When they kissed the whole church
exploded with clapping!
It was a beautiful day and now eleven years later they've got that kissing part down pat. . .
They now have four beautiful children and one more on the way next month.
Congratulations Sarah and Chad!
May you rejoice together for many more years.
And one more funny note: Mom's glasses broke right before the wedding.
So, she couldn't see as well as she'd like to. . .during the wedding she and Dad
shared his glasses! 
Sarah was blessed to have Mom and Dad both there as Daddy passed away
later that year in August.
He got such a kick out of their kiss and teased them about it when they
came back from their honeymoon.
They didn't get to go home after the wedding as planned because Dad had to be put
into the hospital.  The blessing of that was he and Mother got to stay with us
another few weeks. Every week was precious.
 Here's a couple of their kids. . .Kimmie and George.

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