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Friday, March 1, 2013

Beautiful flowers. . . This and That

Some days you get wonderful gifts from little hearts you love.
Today I was given these beautiful flowers, hand picked from Becky's yard, from Jilly, Kathryn and Laura.
I am one blessed and loved Grandma.

Andrew and Abby, newly weds from Hurst, take advantage of the system. . .sitting in the Handicapped Seating area.
I didn't know being newly wed was a handicap.
Some folks will do ANYTHING to eat first! ;)
This sweet couple were just here again two days ago for Sis. Martha's funeral and stayed in our home.
I pray that they'll always be as "in love" as they are now.
This is Sophie at the Humble Texas General Convention showing me that she had lost her very first tooth!
She was really happy and Maya told me that everyone clapped for her!
Maya was as excited as Sophie.


Here's Joe during the Humble Texas General Convention. . .He really got blessed
praising Jesus. . .His Aunt Janet, Mom-Rachel, Dad-Doug and cousin-Denise are
all helping him touch Jesus!
That's really ALL that matters.


David (Bucky) also got a special touch from the Lord during his home church service in Springville, AL.
He did speak some words in that heavenly language, but he wasn't certain that he'd spoken in tongues himself.
So, he is right there at the "almost" point. . .his Dad-Doug is praying with him as are others.
God is so good!
This has inspired Laura, George and Kimberly to try to reach out and touch the Lord in our services!

Here's a couple of really cute stories. . .
George was really upset with Kimberly Jo. . .she was trying to tell him what to do and how. . .
He goes to his mom all upset and says. . ."Kimberly thinks she's the boss of everyone, she
thinks she's like a 17 year old or a 12 year old.  She thinks she's smarter than everyone!"
Kimberly was listening in the background and she looks him in the eye and says,
"Well I can tell you one thing George. . .I'm NOT 17 and I'm NOT 12!"
So, I guess she knew what she was talking about. . .she's only three.

At her great aunt's funeral this week, Maya Lynn was sitting on my lap with her Great Aunt Patsy
sitting next to us.
Patsy said to Maya. . ."Why do you have such curly hair when you sister doesn't?"
Maya responds, "It's okay. . .we have curlers!"
Out of the mouths of children. . .problems can be solved. . .if our hair isn't curly we can roll it.

Psalm 35:9
"And my soul shall be joyful in the LORD: it shall rejoice in his salvation."

Dear Lord. . .I thank you for allowing me the great opportunity to share
the blessings of my grandchildren, nieces and nephews on this site.
I pray that all who read about them will be inspired to enjoy their grandkids too. . .
and if they aren't blessed to have their own that you will allow them to enjoy reading about mine.

Lord, if there are those out there seeking to destroy or harm our children,
I pray that you will place a nagging conviction in their heart of their sin.
I pray that you will allow them to find peace and comfort in something greater than
sin and evil. . .in the majesty of your presence.
Lord, please help the people who were hurt by others when they were children. . .
help them to find their way to you. . .the great healer of brokenness.
Help them to be able to forgive those who offended them. . .
Help them trade their bitterness for the joy of serving Jesus.
Help them to realize those who offend little ones, offend the Great God of Heaven.

Lord, I give this Blog to you. . .help me to say what you'd have me say on it.
Help me to desire for humanity what you desire.
You've shown us what is good. . .what is righteous. . .what brings peace. . .
help us to walk your way. krp

Psalm 37:23
"The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way."

Watch your step! 

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