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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Brooklyn and Makaela are 14 today!


Happy Birthday Brooklyn and Makaela


Fourteen years ago, on a Sunday morning, Nev called to say Karla just had her baby and I'd just got a message from Stan right before that saying, "Mom, Becky's having our baby now so you better hurry and get here." These "cousins"were born only about an hour apart and they've been very cherished in our lives all these years.
The world should be full of such beautiful young ladies. . .full of good godly values and with purity of heart. . .may God help them to always remain faithful to the  calling He has placed upon their lives.  He will bless them with better gifts than we can ever give them.

Also a Happy Birthday to

Annabelle Perry
(Janet’s 1st grandchild was born on same day of April as my 1st!)

Missy Williams Smith
And Karen Young

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