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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

FYI - Tomorrow we will get Grand Child #10

Sarah Jean Hanna, Our Girl
Tomorrow Sarah will go into the hospital
to deliver us our 10th GRANDchild.
Her C-section is scheduled for four p.m.
Since she is so (almost two weeks) overdue her doctor felt like
she shouldn't wait longer. . .this was not what she wanted
but she is accepting it as God's plan for her.
Travis was her only baby who actually came on time.
Please pray for the Doctor, the baby and Sarah. . .
we want them all safe and sound.
Sarah and Chad wanted to be surprised so we won't
know "what" we've got until the baby is here.
They've only settled on one name. . .Hanna . . .
the rest are still up in the air. ;)
Whatever we get, we will be thankful to the Lord
for his mindfulness of our family.
We are blessed.

And for the record. . .there are more babies on
the way in our Wirth/Peach family. . .
Emily and Josh. . .Kristen and Kevin. . .Sam and Sami. . .
Kayla and Jeremy. . .

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