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Friday, April 19, 2013

George says. . .Bro. Brown deserves his "little time of honor". . .

Bro. Brown seriously preaching The Word.

Today is Bro. Brown’s birthday. . .so, last week-end Bro.
Gary Wright was telling everyone that there would be a box
out in the foyer so anyone who wished could drop something
in the box as a gift.  He told of the faithfulness of Bro.
Brown, and said Bro. Brown was not to be worshipped, but
he deserved this little time of honor.
So. . .Sarah's baby is due any day. . .actually it was due last Friday.  I had her kids in my car riding with me and was just talking at random to them. 
I said, "So when do you think your new baby will get here?" 
Laura responds, "Well it missed LuVanna's birthday. . .and it missed Dad's birthday. . .now it's even missed Kimberly's birthday. . .so maybe it will be born on Bro. Brown's birthday." 
George breaks in with. . ."NO Laura, that would NOT be a good idea.  You heard what Bro. Gary said, "We're supposed to give Bro. Brown a little time of honor for his birthday and we won't be able to do that if the baby is born that day.  That wouldn't be right would it Grandma?"
It was so cute.  I said that Bro. Gary did say to honor him but if our baby would happen to come on that day, we could still honor him.
Anyway. . .we do want to honor him.  He is a faithful man of honorable motives and actions.  A man of God.

Jilly wins 2nd place in the Southern Texas area Private School Interscholastic Association (PSIA) spelling competition. She has always been interested in spelling "bees" and
now she gets to go to State competition!
Way to go sweet girl.

Jesse acting like a tough guy sitting on top of the go-cart.

Kathryn taking an upside down seat.

Olivia enjoys her mother's green beans. . .
if you can't have more just lick the bowl!
Looks like she eats like her great-aunt Karen.

Sophie completes a learning victory and is rewarded with an "Icee" treat.  Maya
also gets one to share in the celebration.

We need to learn we can all profit from
our sister's (brother's) victories spiritually. . .no reason to get upset when they learn more than we know. . .just share in the celebration.

George and Kimberly help out in the yard.
George shows his strength while Kimberly just stays
in action.  This Tuesday she had her 4th birthday!
She had cake and ice-cream today but
no party as Mom-Sarah has other things on her mind.

Okay. . .baby Hanna. . .Bro. Brown has had his
'little time of honor' so we're ready for you to have your birthday.

Job 12

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