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Friday, May 10, 2013

Do our children regard our voice? . . .Do we regard God's voice?

Operator, Give me Jesus!
Sarah Jean Peach Hanna 1976
As you all know. . .Sarah just had baby Douglas so Tom and I were taking
care of the others for a few days. . .
Now let me tell you. . .they can be a handful.
They can be more than a handful. . .they are full of energy!
And all that energy isn't spent on doing just good things either. . .
they fuss and fight. . .disobey and get into things they know they can't have.
Anyway, Tom and I are getting older.
We don't move quite as quickly as we once did.
Plus I somehow managed to dislocate my knee so I am getting around but very carefully and with a few adjustments from the chiropractor.
Our dilemma? 
How to take care of these rootin', tootin' grand kids.
We knew Sarah and Chad needed our help and we love those
little ones. . .but we also needed to feel comfortable in our own home.
With all the kids fussing and fighting. . .disobeying and acting wild it was hard.
So, I prayed about it.
I was praying, asking the LORD to help me know how to discipline
them while they were here staying in my home.
I was sincerely praying because these kids, imitating a deaf daddy
and being descendants of Adam. . .would act like they didn't even
hear me when I'd get after them. . .they'd just go right ahead and
do whatever they were doing. . .I'd have to chase after them
to get them to come back from the other side of the yard. . .
or to get them to stop fighting. . .or to get them to pick up toys. . .or,
you get the picture?
So Lord, what should I do?
I felt like the Lord gave me the answer!
Speaking to my mind He said, "They are failing
to respond to your voice.  They don't regard what you say.
Correct them for that and it will diminish all the other problems."
It was true. 
They didn't regard "my voice" or "the voice" of their authorities.
I picked me a switch off a tree (like my mother did for me) and started giving an "attention tap" for
each time they failed to respond to me when I called their name.
When I'd give them this "attention tap" some would
start having a "fit" and wailing, even falling onto the ground trying to get their own way.
So I would let them know having a fit was not going to work. . .
did they want more "attention taps" or did they want to stop crying
and get up off the ground?
After a few times it started working!
When I'd call their names they realized it would be better to come
than delay. . .I didn't keep repeating things over and over. . .
I just called their name and when they came to me I asked them
why I needed them?  What had they done wrong?
They usually knew exactly why I called them.
They were starting to be more aware of their actions.
I told them it was so important for them to answer when I ( or their Grandpa
or Mom and Dad) called them because if they failed to regard my
voice, they would grow up thinking they could disregard God's voice.
I told them God expected me to teach them to regard
the voice of Godly authority.
When I'd discipline Travis, the youngest, he would at first ignore. . .
then he'd start crying when he was disciplined and didn't get his way. . .
he'd then up the pressure by jumping up and down while loudly crying. . .
finally falling on the ground and kicking his feet making the dust fly.
So, I'd calmly give him his "attention taps" and let him know
he WAS NOT in charge.
I said, "Travis, you are not listening to Grandma's voice. . .
you have to listen to my voice.  Now what are you going to
do if I call your name?  You are going to answer me. 
Are you going to come to me when I call you?"
He said, "Yes Ma'am."
I'd give him a hug and tell him I love him and I want him to be a soldier for Jesus. . .how soldiers have to listen and obey.
So, as he was walking off I'd "try" him and say, "Travis". . .he'd stop and
turn around to look me in the eye and say, "What Grandma?"
I'd say, "That is a good boy.  You are listening to Grandma's voice."
Then after he went several more feet into the yard I'd repeat the call.
He got to where after he was disciplined as he'd leave me to to play he
would go several steps, then turn and look at me just waiting to see if I'd call him. . .then he'd go a few more steps and turn and raise his brows like
are you ready to call me again?  It was so sweet!
He was learning to regard my voice!
He was learning an important character quality, obedience. . .
and also attentiveness.
It made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy!
We were communicating. . .he was getting his spirit in tune with mine.
I was learning too.

God wants to feel comfortable in His own house without his kids all
fighting and fussing. He wants to be able to talk to us about
something other than, "Now you be a good child or I'm going to. . ."

I was thinking about how all my troubles start by my failure to listen to God's voice when He speaks to me.
He speaks through his Word, His ministry, the Holy Ghost speaking to my heart. . .He speaks in many ways. . . but I often fail to listen.
Even when I listen, like the kids, I fail to respond.
He wants me to obey right away. . .not finish what I want to do first. . .
not keep walking the other direction. . .not make him chase me. . .
God wants to get me to the place I don't have to come to him for
an "attention tap". . .he wants me to regard his voice because
he wants to enjoy being around me. . .he wants me to enjoy his way.
He doesn't feel comfortable around me and enjoy my fellowship
if He's always having to correct me. . .
He wants to be able to talk to me about more than, "Karen quit doing that. . .
stop crying about everything. . .stop being a bully. . .
stop bossing around others. . .quit be ungrateful. . .
stop running around with the enemy. . .quit following after other gods. . .etc."
God wants to be able to actually communicate with me about
his truths.  He doesn't want to spend all his time
correcting me. . . and then assuring me He loves me. . .just so I can go off
forgetting all his disciplines.
He wants me to keep looking at his face. . .waiting to see if He will call me again. . .He wants me responding to his Word without Him
having to repeat it over. . . and over. . . and over.
He wants me to walk a few steps and then pause to see if He wants me.
He wants me to regard Him.
HE is GOD.
I am so BLESSED just to be part of HIS FAMILY.
It has been a good lesson.
The kids left here doing much better.
They are responding better and without all the drama.
I am trying to do the same.
"Lord, Here I am.  I want to listen.  I want to obey.
I want to be a "first responder" so I'll be able to help others
when you get a call for help. . .I'll be ready to listen if you
have a need for me to help.
Thank you for loving me enough. ..
And my Grand kids . . .
and Kids enough to give us direction.
We are listening and we are applying your instructions.
You are giving us light for the darkness." krp
Sis. Donna Mofley wrote a song years ago for Bible School.
The words came to me as I wrote this post. . .
"Are you listening to the Lord?  Are you listening to the Lord?
Are you listening to what He says?
He is talking to your heart. . .He is talking to your heart. . .
Are you listening to what He says."

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