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Monday, August 5, 2013

Douglas is dedicated. . .Robin - the niece that keeps on giving. . .

Baby Douglas Andrew Hanna is being dedicated to the Lord
  by his daddy as his Uncle Denny
helps pray.
I'll have more pictures if I get them from Sarah and Chad.
It was a very sweet dedication with the other kids
singing and signing "My Name Is ________God Created Me".
Sarah gave a talk honoring her dad and I and saying she wanted
to hold a standard in her home that her children could feel secure in.
Bro. Gary Wright had preached a wonderful message on
holding the truths of God's Word high.
How we had to be willing to stand for righteousness and not bow down to
the lawlessness of the world.
It was a great service. . .as was Saturday night. . .and Sunday night was
It doesn't pay to miss a single service because God
is getting us ready to walk with Him.
Hopefully I'll have more pictures to post of the kids and Sarah
as they were singing.
Robin, Eric, Becky and Stan holding Emily.
In the front of them is little Mary with Jason at the family reunion.
This is a sweet gift from a sweet young lady.
Robin, Eric's wife, made Janet and I some jars of jelly
and some dish cloths. . .just because she loves us.
We do love her too.
She's always doing something good for others.
Robin mows for Greg and Rachel. .
keeps up the yard for them. . .
and they have a BIG yard if you've never seen it!
Some people just like to bless others. :)
For the record. . .the strawberry/blueberry was delicious. . .
it was opened last night after church.

Proverbs Chapter 31

13 She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands.

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