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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

43 Years Ago Today I married the love of my life. . .He is still my sweetheart.

          ~ Tom and I are living proof that Jesus will help you. . .if you let Him. ~

This was on our 15th Anniversary 1985 - We re-newed our vows.
Darlene Stelljes sang, "Through the Years"
and Jr. Marshall sang, "I Still Get That Honeymoon Feeling"
Bro. Glenn Walker did the ceremony.
Sarah and Stan stood up with us.
We wanted to ask God to help us make our marriage stronger.
We were/are two really STRONG WILLED personalities
and we knew we needed God's help.

"To have a heart that's pure.
A spirit just like yours. . .
And faith that will endure,
That's my (our) desire.
To lift up holy hands.
Your will to understand.
To move at your command,
That's my (our) desire."
song by : Sis. Gilma

After all these years we are still working on loving one another with a pure
love. . .and working together to build up God's church.
I am so thankful that through all the storms of life. . .and there have been
times when we felt like jumping ship instead of patching the holes. . .
but God has given us the grace to stand together and face our problems.
Tom has been a faithful husband, and I, a faithful wife. . .
faithful to each other and to the vows we made to the Lord.

Before Doug and Stan both found their wives I wrote a song
for them to sing to their Brides.  I actually felt like the Lord
gave it to me for them. . .and others.
I still feel the Lord when I sing it and I know it was the Lord
who gave Tom and I the blessing of the life we've shared.
At our wedding Bro. Hetzel (Nev's dad) prayed for Tom
and I to always have a home open to God's people.
He really got in the spirit during prayer and God has given
us the opportunity to welcome God's people through the years.
Here are the words to the song. . .
"To have and to hold, dear,
In sickness and health.
To raise up a family and make God our wealth.
To establish our home, Love, with Christ by our side. . .
This is my purpose as I make you my bride.
My eye will be single,
My heart will be true.
Everything that I have, Love, I'll share it with you.
In this life together, we'll work for the Lord,
'Til death do us part, Dear, I give you my word.
Walking together, each step of the way.
Sharing each other with each passing day.
Living and loving through laughter and tears. . .
Best friends and lovers all the rest of our years."
The first time Tom and I noticed each other we were just in the first (me)
and third (Tom) grades. . .
then it was kind of a life long interest. . .
I would always notice if he started flirting with some other girl. . .
and he didn't like it when I was flirting with another boy.
So we've mostly, always been sweethearts. . .
except for those few days we'd argue and seeminly have no heart at all. :)

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