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Monday, August 19, 2013

Help Us Lord. . .Help our children.

Good Morning Lord!
I'm glad that I belong to you and that I know you love me.
I am so amazed by the wonderful things you are doing with your people!
It seems like every time we gather together at church we see
growth in our spiritual family.
People are deciding to follow you, not just in lip service, but
really dedicating their whole lives to you, 24/7.
This world is getting so dark, men's thoughts seem to be on evil continually.
All the "breaking news" is pretty "heart-breaking" .
Your WORD is no longer held in esteem by our leaders. . .
or if it is, like David's brothers and the army of Israel back then. . .
our worldly leaders are afraid to stand up to this giant system that defies
you, the only true and living God, and your law.
We should take up your offence, like David, and be getting ourselves
and our children ready to stand for right in spite of all the world bending
over to accept (and enforce) as good the very things you hate.
I just feel such a burden for the children going
back to schools in a few days.
They will have their minds bombarded with untruths.
They will be pressured to adopt life-styles they would never even consider
if the government wasn't trying to pluck your law from their thoughts.
Oh God, help us to save our children.
Help us to give them your truths for breakfast, dinner and supper.
When we are riding with them in the car or working with them in the yard,
help us to teach them your truth.
Lord, we realize our children need the vision you have for your church.
Without a vision of what you are doing and how they
can fit into your plan they will perish in this great coming darkness.
Lord, help our mothers and fathers to be full of faith.
Help us to discipline our children correctly. . .
not in man's wrath but with Christian character.
Help us to shun the very appearance of evil in our discipline.
Help us to wrap them in our love (and yours).
Please help us to treasure each moment we have them in our homes.
Lord, our children are blessings, help us remember to thank you for them.
If at all possible, help us to choose to be their "teachers" rather
than to hand them over to men and women we don't even know. . .
teachers who have been taught to influence them against
our values. . .against your values.
God, help us to love our children more than money.
Help our fathers to be the protectors and providers for the family.
Help them find work with wages that will meet their true needs.
Help our mothers to love being mothers.
Help our ministers to boldly speak the truth in our pulpits.
Help us, Lord, to reject everything that gives the enemy of our soul
a chance to come inside our hearts and destroy us.
I was thinking on the day of 9/11 something evil came crashing
into our world trade center (man's building). . .
It was so evil and set up so well that the world/building would come crumbling
down in only a few minutes. . .
the only hope of getting out alive was to run out of the building. . .
run with all your might.
I heard stories of people having to take off their high heels
so they could move faster. . .so they could have life. . .
They couldn't take anything with them that would slow them down.
This world has been hit by evil forces that will take it down.
It will crumble and fall. . .taking down everyone who fails
to "come out".
We've got to run with all our strength to get out of it.
We've got to take off our "high heels" because some things
might not be "evil", but they might just hinder us from getting
outside the "building" before it collapses.
Oh, Lord, help us to listen to your voice as you speak
to our hearts through your Word and your ministry.
Help us to apply ourselves unto wisdom.
Help us to embrace your statutes.
Oh, God, we want your approval written on our hearts by your own hand.
Give us grace. . . that power and desire to do right.
Help us to expose our children to your grace.
Grace to stand.
Grace to forgive those who have offended us. . .help us take off those
"high heels" in our lives that will cause us to dally too
long . . .help us leave all the things we "want" to take with us
and just focus on life.
The world will pass away. . .but God's Word will endure forever.
Please help us as we need you now more than ever.
By your grace, Lord, let this old song be our vow. . .
"I will, I will follow Thee. . .over mountains high. . .
or through the stormy sea.
When I hear your voice, Lord, no matter how I feel. . .
I WILL lay my burden down and I will follow Thee."
Your child, krp

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